Photo of a sign depicting a marijuana leaf prohibited.

Photo of a sign depicting a marijuana leaf prohibited.

By Trev Coleman

Nearly three years ago now, I took what some would consider being a huge risk by going on national TV in the BBC documentary ‘Professor Green: Is It Time to Legalise Weed?’, back when I was part of Teesside Cannabis Club.

Now while I can understand the attitudes of most people when it comes to weed in that it’s just some stoner thing. Getting stoned is fun and stoners tend to have a lot of weed-nerds among them talking about long lost strains and breeding lines they would love to try, or a medical thing since it does help with a plethora of conditions or all about a particular branding (which I’ve always thought is all bollocks anyway), this subject has always been far bigger for me.

For the absolute life of me, I can’t figure out why it isn’t to more.

Especially for those who purportedly speak for our ‘interests’!!


Risible! Laughable at best!! Utterly self-interested, self-aggrandising, clueless cunts for the most part in my experience!

If you honestly believe that I stuck my face out there for all to see, just so I could have a smoke in peace, or to garner some manner of fame or notoriety (as I have been accused of), you’re fucking delusional!!

Wrong!! Dead wrong!!

This is such a huge subject for the course of the human race right now and most simply can’t wrap their heads around it.

They fail to comprehend how one decision in the course of human history has been such a monumental cock-up, that its damning all life on Earth.

The decision to remove an essential part of our ecosystem in 1937 is based on rich white ‘experts’ being sat in kangaroo courts, selling reefer madness tales of how white women would want to sleep with black and Latino jazz musicians after just one marijuana, so that they and their rich pals could make a killing on the timber market, is what is currently dooming humanity to the headlong abyss we currently peer in to.

The prohibition, and subsequent eradication of, cannabis, through the war on drugs, as the foundation resource for humanity is killing you, everyone you know, everyone you love … right … fucking … NOW!!

Like it or not, whether you use it or not, you have no option at this time in history, but to sit and look at this rationally.

One million people turned out to protest the war in Iraq! That’s ONE FUCKING MILLION!!! To protest against a war that was founded in lies!!

The carnage of which I witnessed for myself as a contractor in 2003!

Where’s your faux outrage for the drug war that was also based on lies then?

A war that has arguably been far more pernicious, taking into consideration factors such as the conduct of UK police forces and their ‘organised rapes’ of activists, blacklisting of trades unionists and our own ecocide in defending sites such as PNR. All of this far more damaging on a much grander global scale!

Who gives a fuck?! Just junkies and potheads anyway!


Before it was aired on BBC3, I got a call from the producer to tell me that I had tied up the BBC’s legal team in all manner of knots by hitting on way too many points of policy.

Do you know what I’ve seen since?!

Everything I talked about in a half hour interview unfolds in front of me.

Everything from the plastics crisis to accelerated climate change models, the dying off of insects and the coral reefs, ALL OF IT, that I’ve banged on about, to all of you, for way too long!!! Doing all of your heads in, absolutely bloody pickling mine, for nearly three fucking years!

Professor Green, Stephen, Steven, whatever your name is, if anyone knows him, give a tag or something please, I have no idea right now, if you read this, I would very much like your help in obtaining a copy of that full interview, please.

Do you know how tiresome it is to talk about this shit every day?

Do you know that scene in Apollo 13 where the atmospheric scrubber breaks down??

That’s us!!

Our atmospheric scrubber (325kg of atmospheric carbon sequestered for every tonne cultivated), hasn’t just gone tits up though!!

Oh no! No!

No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! 

We’ve done far worse!!

We’ve only gone and fucking sabotaged it for ourselves like the bunch of babbling simpletons that we are!!

All because some rich white men lied through their back teeth to scare poor white men about white women going off with those jazzy musician types in the late of night, for a bit of extra loving … to distract from them making a killing in the timber market. Who cares about skin colour when you’re not a bigoted fuckwit after all?

Like it or not, prohibition affects us all!

Human and animal alike!

From the lowliest of single-celled organisms at the depths of the deepest seas that are currently feeding on our waste fossil fuel based plastics leading to plankton collapse in our oceans, to the very stars we see in our night skies as we breathe in massive amounts of atmospheric pollutants and contaminants!

The problem of marine plastic pollution could be tackled if we used biodegradable hemp instead of fossil fuels to make plastic.

Plastics from fossil fuels take 450 years to degrade whereas plastics made from hemp take 3 – 6 months to fully biodegrade.

It’s like a little piece of me dies with each passing day as I watch all of this unfold and wonder what future we have left.

What will be left for future generations? Will there even be one for our descendants??

I expected transporters and star-ship travel by now. Not endless resource wars!!

I have to admit, and I thank you so much for this Doretta (Belle Belle), the expo at the NEC was one of those defining moments for me.

To walk around and see so much enthusiasm and potential for what is obviously a global growth industry, felt sorely lacking in any manner of vision or urgency!!

It was all a bit too much of a muchness for me.

Don’t get me wrong it was nice to see old faces, be introduced to others, recognised by a few (Lee Harris, in particular, being the one that made me feel a little star struck. Thank you, man) etc, but it all felt a tad too constrained and bland if I’m honest.

How many brands and ways are there to sell one product??


Where’s the urgency?

Because this is a seriously fucking urgent matter!!

If we don’t change course and start getting that atmospheric scrubber going again, I don’t care who you are, you, your kids and grandkids, everyone you care about, right at this minute in time, are all doomed because rich men want more money to stash away in tax havens!!

Pound sign cartoon.More money! More power! More! Always more! Why?

To service the subsidies of a global ponzi scam (fossil fuels) that has doomed all life on Earth so that rich white folk could get richer while demonising minorities as some sort of bogeymen?

Pretty much. Yeah!

We, you, me, everyone, every living thing on this little blue dot, got well and truly bent over, by one decision back in 1937!!

No lube!!

Where’s your outrage for a war that is dooming you and everyone you give a shit about, along with any future generations, probably within all of our lifetimes, for a fucking racist lie, so those rich men could have more money they don’t need?

Where’s your outrage for that war?

Sorry, I forgot that outrage is only reserved for that particular wars victims so you could feel superior about yourself as it gives you someone in your locality to slate as you get pissed up and pop your prescription pills.

Prohibition isn’t just a crime against humanity at this time in history!

You and your little bouncy balls of fun as you sit stuffing your face with MacDonalds, watching X Factor, caring not a jot. You’re all included as well!!

This is a crime against ALL life on Earth!

All life on Earth is being rapidly eradicated for resources that we could have had from our farmers’ fields, for the majority of the last century, if we weren’t going round in an endless cycle of self-sabotaging, because we all have jobs to do.

We have to earn a living!

So we’ll be good little debt slaves and keep our employers happily sunning themselves in their tax haven retreats, as they perpetuate the ecocide of all life on Earth on a daily basis!!

A little bit of advice, beachfront properties anywhere in the world, would not be a good investment at present. Maybe cash in some policies and enjoy what time’s left as another suggestion.

Just saying.

Prohibition! It doesn’t affect you … does it?

Trev Coleman

Trev Coleman is an environmental activist who specialises in the benefits of the cannabis/ hemp plant that could help save the environment, create jobs, boost the economy and benefit the NHS.

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