Elephant in the room: Brexit is a shit idea!

Elephant in the room: Brexit is a shit idea!

By Chris Bovey

There, I said it, I pointed out the elephant in the room, if you voted for Brexit and still think it is a good idea then you are a fucking moron.

We are told that Brexit has divided the country and we must all come together to somehow fix this mess. I have no intention of enabling Brexit in any shape or form, since it’s a stupid idea that was sold to the public by a bunch of lying charlatans offering pink unicorns to the uninformed.

These people have effectively done a shit in my bed and have the audacity to suggest I help clean it up. These mendacious cunts can go fuck themselves as far as I’m concerned.

Now I don’t blame you if you were not entirely informed about the workings of the EU before the referendum. I’ve run businesses for nearly twenty years that benefit from frictionless borders and freedom of movement, so I had a good idea of how the Single Market and Customs Union works, which was also taught to me in the early 90s studying A-level economics – at a time when if you suggested leaving the EU and the Single Market, you would have been considered barking mad.

I am more clued up than most on the EU, due to a career that has involved a lot of importing and exporting both within the EU/EAA/EFTA and the rest of the world. That said, I’m happy to admit that I’d never heard of the bank passporting rights we are to lose that will see London lose its status as the financial capital of the world. The French are quite happy to oblige to move it all to Paris if we don’t want it.

Nor had I had any idea it could possibly affect medical supplies or cancer patients, even though the government confirmed if there is no deal, the UK will continue to use EU standards on medicines and clinical trials.

I’d never heard of the Euratom nuclear pact which, among other things, governs the transport of radioactive material used in cancer treatments. This is an issue deeply close to me having lost my own mother in 2017 to cancer. I’m horrified the British government could be so irresponsible to put lives and businesses at risk just to placate jingoistic imbeciles with no understanding of how life in the real world works.

The Brextards like to scream ‘project fear’, yet when ‘project fear’ is becoming ‘project reality’, even when we haven’t yet left, these obdurate twats still keep their heads buried in the sand, pretending everything will be OK with a ‘no deal’ Brexit, when it absolutely will not be OK.

Brexit pink unicorn cartoon.

Pink unicorns, job losses food & medical shortages and less money for the NHS. Hardly making Britain great. Image courtesy of www.stevecutts.com.

These clueless halfwits have called me a traitor to my country and unpatriotic, although I’m not quite sure how not wanting to destroy the economy of the nation of my birth and to keep the many rights that are afforded to me as an EU citizen is unpatriotic; quite the opposite, I should suggest.

Death threats and publication of my home address

I’ve received death threats, with my home address published on Facebook by Brexiteeers (a criminal offence) inviting people to go around and ‘pay me a visit’. Didn’t really bother me, as I didn’t take them seriously, but it did upset my partner and children, living in the same house, who are nothing to do with my vocal opinions on Social Media.

At the moment, I can log in online to any courier I have an account with, such as Parcelforce or FedEx, if I’ve sent to the same address before, I don’t even have to type it in again, since it is stored in an address book. I just have to measure the dimensions of the box, weigh it, choose a service, press print and it can be in Germany or The Netherlands or France or Sweden, etc., by the next day, depending on the service I choose. I’m in the sticks of rural Devon, if I were in London or a number of other British cities, I could even get a same-day delivery service.

Sending stuff outside the EU is always a pain, I have to find the correct Customs Commodity Code Tariff, put much more information about the contents of the shipment including country of origin, print out three invoices and then wait while my customer gets frustrated as it gets stuck in US customs while they work out the import charges (or lose it).

Equally, importing from outside the EU is more complicated. I have to wait for the import duties to be worked out, pay VAT which I later reclaim. I much prefer sourcing from the EU as I can get the stock the next day. Leaving the Customs Union will create cashflow issues, as I’ll have to pay the VAT upfront for everything and then claim it back, and same for my European customers who buy from me. Whereas currently I just have to supply my VAT number and the charge is waived (providing the transaction is with an EU company with a valid  VAT number, which is put on the invoice). I cannot imagine my business is unique in that respect and many will have their cashflow disrupted if they will have to pay upfront 20% VAT for any goods imported from the EU, even if they can ultimately claim it back.

I cannot think of anything positive from leaving the EU. I don’t give a shit what colour my passport is and, in any case, there is no EU regulation requiring passports to be blue. I do give a shit if I will have to wait longer in the queue at passport control when I arrive at my destination airport after a long day’s travel.

‘Fuck off and live in the EU’

Swivel-eyed little Englanders have told me I should ‘fuck off and live in the EU if I love it so much’. Asides from the insult of being told by a moron to leave the nation of my birth because I’m not fucking bonkers, thanks to the idiotic Brexit vote, if we proceed with this insanity, I will not be so easily able to move to another EU/ EEA member state, since leaving the EU means losing our right to free movement regardless of the fact that studies show migration brings a net benefit to this country. This might not bother the racist thickos who voted Brexit, but I’m very fucking angry about this, not only because they are taking a right I have always taken for granted away from me, but also, they are taking it away from my children.

In any case, I already do live in the EU, as do the idiots who have suggested I ‘fuck off and live there’.

It’s not uncommon to see a young Brit working in a restaurant or bar abroad on the continent where they are experiencing a new culture and learning a new language. A friend of mine is an English language teacher in Spain. He told me his boss said he rarely employs Australians or North Americans, as the paperwork is too much and sadly after Brexit, he will just employ people mainly from the Republic of Ireland.

A thick Sun reader who seldom ventures further than his or her own nose may have no problem with this (although they might when they realise they can only bring back 10 packets of fags and small amount of wine, beer and spirits), yet why should my children, from the generation that least wants to proceed with Brexit, have such opportunities in life stripped from them?

Damaging UK science and innovation

Check out Scientists for EU, a team of scientists that campaign for Britain to remain in the EU. They have alerted the government of the disastrous consequences of leaving the EU for British science, but like any concerns from Remainers or business leaders, they are glibly dismissed by our out-of-touch dogmatic far-right government of fools.

Union Jack coloured poo with caption: Theresa May finally reveals her Brexit strategy.

Theresa May’s red, white & blue Brexit turd.

Theresa May’s botched Brexit deal is the best we will get from the EU. Some hardcore Brexiters have correctly stated it’s worse than remaining in the EU with our current arrangement, because even they recognise it will lead to the UK being rule takers, not rule makers. May’s awful deal actually gives away British sovereignty, as it means the UK would be subject to laws it has no say in shaping or proposing. The alternative, a ‘no deal’ Brexit, would be so bad it doesn’t even bear thinking about. No doubt that’s why the government are trying to scare MPs into supporting May’s crap deal with their empty threat of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, which the government’s own reports they tried so hard to stop us from seeing concluded would be catastrophic for Britain. Actually, they concluded all scenarios, including May’s shitty deal, would damage the UK’s economy and the best option would be not to leave the European Union.

So, food shortages, labour shortages, medical shortages, price rises, job losses, currency crashing, recession, economic uncertainty … I don’t recall them writing any of that on the side of their fucking red bus.

People’s Vote

Due to changes in voter demographics, i.e., elderly people more likely to be in favour of Brexit dying off the electoral register and being replaced by new younger voters who are more inclined to wish to remain in the EU, coupled with the fact that many people have changed their mind, the logical approach for our MPs would be to call a People’s Vote to see if the UK really does want to commit such an act of deliberate self-harm.

Let’s leave aside all the arguments about lying, cheating, foreign interference, law-breaking etc., in the conduct of the referendum and accept, for sake of argument, that as of June 2016, the decision to leave the EU was (marginally) the ‘will of the people’.

Two things have happened since. Firstly, anyone with half a brain who has been following events should know an awful lot more than in June 2016 and, secondly, what is ‘the will of the people’ now?

‘The People’ as of June 2016 no longer exist. Many have died and over 2 million have come of age. So, what is the will of this new ‘The People’? The only way to make a genuine, democratic decision is to ask ‘The People’ if they want May’s deal with also the option to remain on the ballot paper.

Chris Bovey takes a selfie sticking his middle finger up at David Cameron while in fancy dress as an Arab to protest at the selling of British weapons to Saudi Arabia.

I took a selfie sticking my middle finger up at Cameron on the night of his election victory that was broadcast live to millions, but I still voted Remain.

Yes, I know the racists, xenophobes, bigots, thickos and tax-dodging billionaires will still vote to leave the EU, but they are in the minority. They are beyond help. Not every person who voted Leave was an ignorant bigot, many merely fell for the lies published in the right-wing press (owned by tax-dodging billionaires who don’t like the EU’s forthcoming tax avoidance directive).

The notion that areas like Sunderland which voted heavily to leave would not return a Labour MP if Jeremy Corbyn started to oppose Brexit is absurd, they would elect a hat stand if you put a red rosette on it in that part of the country. Many of them probably only voted Leave to stick a middle finger up at the pig fucker who was so insistent the country voted to remain in the EU and then fucked off the day after the referendum when the vote went the other way. In any case, research shows that over 100 constituencies have changed their minds and most Labour voters want us to stay in the EU.

On the other hand, Labour stands to lose a lot more votes in affluent areas that voted Remain, if they back the Tory Brexit.

It’s time for honesty and truth in the Brexit debate. The claim that another referendum would be a betrayal to democracy is ridiculous beyond belief and the reason Brextards do not want another vote is that they know darn well they would lose. Hardly democratic to deny the country a vote on something because one side thinks it will not win, as they won’t be able to sell the same lies twice. That’s the opposite of democracy, it’s fascism.

It’s time to start pointing out the elephant in the room. Someone has to do it. If you still believe leaving the EU is a good idea that will be beneficial for the UK then you are a fuckwit. I don’t give a shit if I offend anybody by saying that, as the opinion polls are consistently showing Brits would vote to remain in the EU if they dared to put it to a second vote. We’ve won the arguments, the Brexiters have lost the debate, bring on a People’s Vote so they can lose that too.

“If someone tells me that I've hurt their feelings, I say, 'I'm still waiting to hear what your point is.' In this country, I've been told, 'That's offensive' as if those two words constitute an argument or a comment. Not to me they don't. And I'm not running for anything, so I don't have to pretend to like people when I don't.” - Christopher Hitchens quote.

I’ll end this with a quote from Christopher Hitchens.

Chris Bovey, writer and musician.

Chris Bovey is a businessman, writer, artist, musician and practical joker. He lives in Devon with his partner, two children and cat. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter @_dr_dremp.

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24 replies
  1. Andrew McCallum
    Andrew McCallum says:

    Get over it : We’re leaving.
    Oh I voted remain… But in a democratic society the vote sometimes wont swing your way.
    Put on your big boy pants now and grow up.
    You – Right now- are the most harmful thing to western society.

    • 8thColour
      8thColour says:

      The vote was fraudulent and won marginally by breaking strict electoral spending laws and lies peddled by offshore tax-dodging billionaires who own most of the UK media who told the sheeple to vote for Brexit as they are not too keen on the forthcoming EU tax-avoidance directive. 

Why you so scared of another vote? The day we are set to leave is nearly 3 years after the fraudulent referendum, in which time, the governing Tories lost their majority, only to be propped up by religious bigots in Northern Ireland. People now they were lied to, if you do not believe that to be the case then why so scared of a People’s Vote … I’ll tell you why, coz you are a cowardly cunt who hates democracy.

      My money is on we are not leaving, but even if we do, as least i will be able to look my children and perhaps grandchildren that I did everything in my power to stop this insanity,

      • Andrew McCallum
        Andrew McCallum says:

        That’s the same “Leave voters are stupid” argument.
        Can’t say im enthused about any looming hardship.
        Things wont always swing your way in a democracy and I am far more accepting of that than the shit show put on by the media and parliament right now…
        People shouldn’t be dehumanised for having a voice. Calling them regressive, delusional, bigoted and ignorant simply shuts down any discussion.
        More than that; its an insidious means of silencing them. This is a form of oppression.
        I don’t like it and I feel like we’ve been down this road before.
        There were a ton of reasons why people voted to leave the EU. Were none of them valid?

        Perhaps they didn’t want the UK to be just another state in what is planned to become a United States of Europe… Perhaps they were just patriotic; wanting to remain British…
        Were they wrong?
        What’s wrong with that?

        The flow of power in the UK government is directly determined by the people. Those who elect.
        Every 5 years the populace have a say on the composition of the commons.
        The commons has the power to create bills which is passed off to the HoL and then on to the royals for final approval. Now the unelected house of lords do no have a say in how the country is run : They merely serve as a vetting body to check over new legislation.
        This process is reversed in the EU. The unelected have the power to create whatever rules and regulations they want. Those bills are then passed down a parliament comprised of MEP’s from all over who vote to approve / disprove legislation. At no point are you or I factored into that decision making process….We cannot effect what legislation will be made in any way.
        There is another form of government that works in a similar way – a dictatorship.
        Good luck getting Article 13 rescinded…

        Were leave voters wrong here too?

        Look : it’s not what I voted for. But their voice is not any less valuable than your own. More people voting remain probably should have turned up to vote. Having second, third, fourth referendums to get the answer you want just makes a mockery of democracy. I saw the same ‘propaganda’ popping up on my social media… but it didn’t sway me in my decision. So I hardly think the ‘sheeple’ were brainwashed into voting leave. They had their reasons

        • 8thColour
          8thColour says:

          I suspect you didn’t read the article fully, I’m not going to go over all the issues you raised, as they were all dealt with in the article.

          I don’t say that every person who voted to leave is a moron, if that were the case, the opinion polls wouldn’t be giving Remain a lead of up to 11 percentage points. If every person who voted Leave was a moron then the opinion polls would be showing support for Brexit in the UK population, when they are showing the opposite.

          The flow of power is NOT elected by the British people by any reasonable definition of the word ‘democracy’, we have a Tory government with a minority share of the vote propped up by religious bigots from Northern Ireland. 56% of the UK voted for left-leaning parties in the 2017 General Election, yet we have the most extreme right-wing government this country has ever seen in modern times (and most incompetent). If we had Proportional Representation in the UK you might be in a better position to lecture me about democracy.

          The unelected House of Lords does have power in how the country is run, that’s a fact that is not open for debate, so you don’t really know what you’re talking about. Ironically though, it is the *unelected* House of Lords that is speaking sense on Brexit.

          This is in stark contrast to the democratic EU.

          The EU is democratic: EU Parliament – Approves EU laws – MEPs are DEMOCRATICALLY elected by the electorate of each EU country – The UK has 73 MEPs out of the 751 members Council of Ministers – Approves EU laws – Relevant minister of each DEMOCRATICALLY elected government attends – The UK has 13% of the weighted votes. EU commission – PROPOSES EU laws – 1 commissioner for each DEMOCRATICALLY elected government EU Council – Sets the general direction of the EU and discusses major international issues – Represented by the Prime Minister/President of each DEMOCRATICALLY elected government.

          I’m glad it’s not what you voted for, and I suspect it’s not what most of the country voted for either. Yes a fair amount are too stupid or obdurate to admit they made a mistake and some multimillionaires might stand to make more money they don’t need by betting against the British economy, but the polls tell us that Remain would now win comfortably, not that it is still neck and neck, as they did prior to the referendum. The reason for this is people are more educated about the disastrous consequences of leaving the EU, hence the big shift in opinion polls and also changes in voter demographics.

          I might be wrong and the UK really does want to continue with this madness, but I really doubt it; there’s only one way to find out and that is to put it to the people again in an evolving democracy. Having another vote on such an important issue when people are more clued up is that complete opposite of making a mockery of democracy, you prat. A vote won by a fraudulent campaign run by liars, charlatans and cheats makes a mockery of democracy.

          The EU have said we can rescind Article 50, as they don’t want us to leave. There is no majority in Parliament either for a disastrous ‘no deal’ Brexit nor is there one for May’s shitty worst of both world’s deal, so I’m fairly confident that Brexit will be stopped.

          Of course MPs and official campaigners shouldn’t go around calling a section of the population morons, but I’m not an MP or a representative of any official campaign so that does give me the luxury of pointing out the elephant in the room that Brexit is a shit idea and if you think it will be good for the you then you are a moron,

          I appreciate nobody likes being called a moron, but I call a spade a spade, a jar of marmalade a jar of marmalade, so why not call a moron a moron? I’m hardly going to call a moron a genius.

          In any case, it’s clear to everyone the country are having cold feet about Brexit and there is no consensus in Parliament, so the only logical outcome if Parliament doesn’t approve May’s awful deal is another vote, which the EU have already indicated they would be amenable to, might involve extending Article 50, but can be done. We don’t have to proceed with this insanity.

        • Hairyloon
          Hairyloon says:

          Funny thing about leave voters is that most of them are too stupid to understand the difference between:
          “Stupid people voted for Brexit”,
          “Brexit voters are stupid”, and
          “Brexit is stupid”…

    • Lee Harris
      Lee Harris says:

      So… you have a court case, maybe a murder say, the prosecution makes up all the evidence you get a guilty verdict and then the real facts come to light. You still send the guy to the gallows?

      “You – Right now- are the most harmful thing to western society.” Really? I mean really?

    • Deano Richards
      Deano Richards says:

      What a pathetically weak and spineless comment.

      So if a new Government wins an election, and then fucks up the country, you should just roll over and accept? Of course not. People with knowledge, intelligence, and courage stand up for what they believe in. Only a traitor to the UK would allow Brexit to continue, and damage the lives of millions.

      Grow some balls and stand up for what you voted for, you embarrassment to democracy

    • 8thColour
      8thColour says:

      Google Dunning-Kruger Effect, it perfectly explains genuine fuckwits like Robert Roberts who are too stupid to understand how stupid they are!

    • Lee Harris
      Lee Harris says:

      Yeah… but he is much more entertaining than you are.

      Maybe he will get off his high-horse if you get off that pink unicorn you think you are riding.

      • 8thColour
        8thColour says:

        I wear it as a badge of honour to be insulted by a swivel-eyed little Englander.

        8k shares too of an unknown blog in little over a day, seems a lot of people disagree with Robert Roberts.

    • Deano Richards
      Deano Richards says:

      You’re an embarrassment to the Liverpool FC badge on your profile. You must have a heart attack trying to support a team full of ‘immigrants’, owned by Americans, managed by a German, playing in the European Champions League.

      Sod off back to your xenophobic closed-minded little world, and stop trying to destroy the UK for the rest of us.

      • Deano Richards
        Deano Richards says:

        I’m the guy that studied Economics to master level, and worked in financial services for 20 years, and is telling you that your support for Brexit will destroy the lives of millions, and Liverpool will be hit particularly hard.

        “My mind is open and ready to debate without being aggressive and idiotic”
        Ahahah, nice try, but your very first post on this blog proves you’re a liar, who is aggressive and idiotic.
        Like all Brexit Supporters.

        Now go back to your cave, and make sure you don’t ever show your face at a Liverpool match, you’re not welcome.

        • Robert Roberts
          Robert Roberts says:

          I voted remain you plonk.
          But I don’t go around telling people they are idiots for voting to leave.
          The government gambled and lost. And I can see some of the points that people had to vote that way.
          But the trouble is, some remainers are so far up their own arses they think it’s only their opinion that counts. Sadly.

          • Deano Richards
            Deano Richards says:

            Wow, normally I feel like I’m talking to a bunch of muppets, when disusing anything with Brexiteers.

            This time I’ve struck lucky and got the King of the muppets, a confused remain voter!

            Listen Kermit,
            If you want to disrespect those that have been adversely affected by Brexit get your wallet out.
            Brexiteers, need to pay for the damage they’ve caused me and my family (and millions of others) by voting to leave the European Union, with no plan whatsoever.

            The fact you are too spineless to call those morons that voted for Brexit ‘idiots’, is not my problem.
            In fact it makes you as bad as them. You are too scared to fight to save our nation from this disaster.

            Go and join a Brexit march, and put your little Union Jack hat on, and stop wasting my time.

          • 8thColour
            8thColour says:

            Nobody is telling you to call people idiots for voting to leave. In any case, if you actually bothered to read the article, you would have noted I said “anybody who voted for Leave who still thinks it is a good idea is a moron” – this is a factual truism that isn’t up for debate.

            That’s polls are giving Remain as much as an 11 point lead now, precisely because not every person who voted Leave is a moron, they have changed their minds now they have seen first hand what a monumental clucsterfuck it is and how bad it will be for the UK.

          • Enbrok
            Enbrok says:

            Hanging on the polls watching every point move, wishing, hoping, praying in vain hope you get a glimpse of good news for your Remain dreams, but that hope gets crushed at every milestone making you evermore bitter and twisted so you come on here for a rant and to spread your abuse just to easy your worried fragile soul…..Oh, the plight of a Remoaner, destined to lose from the outset, it must be so lonely being you!

      • Enbrok
        Enbrok says:

        It’s learned all the buzzwords, and uses them mixed with insults, wow! What a great mind it must have to be able to do that all in one sentence and all!

  2. CiaranMc
    CiaranMc says:

    An interesting post but I’m very surprised it has no mention of the Northern Irish border issue. It was the very failure of the Bexiteers to thoroughly consider the impact of a leave vote on the NI/ROI border and the consequences of trying to work around the international treaty that is the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement that has led us to were we are. Their ignorance was astounding. It worries me that even in the arguments to remain being made now that it’s once again ignored?

  3. Deano Richards
    Deano Richards says:

    The 2016 referendum was a non-binding second vote on the EU.
    The first vote was in 1975.

    Like all Brexiteers you actually have nothing to say about the benefits of Brexit, because you can’t
    You just spout out childish phrases like “We won, You lost, NaNaNaNahhh”

    When you eventually grow up and realise you’re forcefully damaging the lives of 60 million people, and providing nothing good in return, maybe you’ll have some sense of guilt and responsibility for your sick and irresponsible actions

    As for your other sick Brexiteer friends who threatened the author of this blog, they will likely never have the mental capacity to feel any guilt or remorse for the damage they have done to the UK.

    • Enbrok
      Enbrok says:

      The biggest benefit of leaving is that it will totally destroy the already crumbling EU, the second benefit will be to see you Remoaners all frothing at the mouth on social media, that day is fast approaching!


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