Ann Widdecombe: pray the gay away

Ann Widdecombe: pray the gay away

By Chris Bovey

Not content with chasing after black and ethnic-minority people, the Brexit Party is now going after the gay community.

Speaking on Sky TV, Brexit Party MEP, Ann Widdecombe, expressed her support for the controversial so-called ‘gay conversion’ therapy or ‘gay cure’.

Gay conversion therapy is a harmful and discredited practice, generally rooted in phoney and often pseudoscientific religious beliefs about what causes people to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transsexual.

Widdecome, a newly elected Brexit Party MEP, who is now one of my MEPs for the South West of England following the recent Euro elections, has come under huge fire for suggesting science could “produce an answer” to being gay.

In an interview with Sky News, Widdecombe was asked about previous comments she made in support of ‘gay conversion’ therapy.

She “pointed out that there was a time when it was thought impossible for men to become women”.

As a gay man, I’m horrified one of my elected representatives is a homophobic bigot; if I wanted one of them I’d move to Northern Ireland.  I hate the term ‘conversion therapy’, call it what it is: ‘homophobic torture and abuse’.

Calls for gay ‘conversion therapy’ to be banned

‘Gay conversion’ therapy is legal in the UK despite calls for it to be banned around the world. A study released by the LGBT charity Stonewall in 2015 found that 10% of social care and health staff have witnessed a colleague express the belief that homosexuality can be cured. In London, this figure rises to 22% specifically. Additionally, whilst professional mental healthcare bodies like the British Psychological Society have stated that conversion therapies have the potential to cause harm, a study from 2009 showed that more than 200 therapists have engaged in trying to cure people of their homosexuality. The full extent of the problem is obscured by the fact most organisations which practice ‘conversion therapy’ do so in relative secrecy, often in closed-off religious communities.

Photo of homophobic Brexit Party MEP who advocates the controversial gay 'conversion therapy'.

Religious zealot, Ann Widdecombe MEP for South West England, advocates gay ‘conversion therapy’.

What does Ann Widdecombe actually mean by “produce an answer”? One is either straight, gay, bi-sexual, transsexual or pansexual. There’s not any choice about it, it’s the way you are born, just as she was born ugly. Her comments will not help LGBT people when there is still deep-rooted homophobia in sections of society and it will not help young people who have to go through the trauma of deciding whether to come out or not.

I have some questions I’d like an answer to too. Firstly, how the FUCK did this reeking blob of fetid Victorian values come to be a prominent elected politician? Actually, maybe that’s not too surprising looking at the other misfits, losers, sociopaths and fuckwits in the Chamber of Horrors that is the Houses of Parliament.

Whatever, the other question I have is: who are the voters that are apparently desperate for this fat, dry old virgin to represent them for the Fascist Party? I mean, it’s not as if I identify with the right-wing or Tory values, but the idea that this rolling lump of putrid flesh has any grasp on the realities of Britain in the twenty-first century is ludicrous. Even Rev. Theresa has more idea than her!

Ann Widdecombe is she human?

Well no! After hours of research, I have concluded the fat slimy lump of dog shit comes from another planet. The world would be a better place without this flabby horror hanging around.

And why does she change her hairstyle once a month, they all look really shite on you? Ann you heinous ugly obese fat bigoted decrepit old battleaxe.

Did you know she was big in Hollywood at one time?

Well, she’s big everywhere, I know, yet she had a leading part in the 1984 film, Ghostbusters, as the Marshmallow man (Roseanne Barr was turned down), crushing streets and cars while shouting “Ban cannabis!”

She makes a big deal about being a virgin. Really? Has she ever looked in a mirror? It’s not that much of a surprise. Maybe she’s a repressed lesbian. Haggard’s Law suggests people with homophobic attitudes are more likely to bat for the other side, not that I’d imagine anybody in their right mind would want to go anywhere near her rancid stagnant old quim.

Politicians were quick to condemn Widdecombe’s homophobic remarks

Labour MP Luke Pollard said Ms Widdecombe was “continuing her sick anti-LGBT campaign”.

Gay Labour MP Wes Streeting said: “Ann Widdecombe is a relic from a bygone era, whose petty prejudices are out of touch with the vast majority in Britain.

“It’s only a shame that science can’t cure Ann Widdecombe.”

Fellow Labour MP Stephen Doughty, the co-chair of the LGBT Labour Party group, said: “Ann Widdecombe needs to stick her sick, twisted prejudice back where it belongs – back in the 19th century.”

Broadcaster, James O’Brien, hit the nail on the head with this tweet:

Ann Widdecombe, they don’t come much worse

Oh, how I wish she knew the extent of the country’s hatred for her. I wish her soul could be cast into the deepest pits of the non-existent hell she believes in when she realised that her support constitutes:

  1. Nazis
  2. very old people
  3. no one else.

But I guess these are the people she identifies with … it’s a sick world we live in.

I have to turn away each time her ugly vision appears in front of me on the TV so I don’t vomit myself to death. Do us all a favour and drop dead.

Chris Bovey, writer and musician.

Chris Bovey is a businessman, writer, artist, musician and practical joker. He lives in Devon with his partner, two children and cat. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter @_dr_dremp.

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