Yellow Jacket protest on front of a Union Jack flag.

Yellow Jacket protest on front of a Union Jack flag.

By Trev Coleman

The French Yellow Vest protests that have spread across the world, are all demanding pretty much the same thing. A new GREEN deal for the sake of the future of all of us.

They have done something that has been brewing for a while. They have united us all and shown us where the real division in our global society is. It’s not left or right, male or female, LGBT or heterosexual, creed or colour! It’s top to bottom!!

There’s a saying here that’s entirely apt. Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.

The Yellow Vests started because of tax hikes on fuel. It quickly spread to matters such as climate change and structural inequality through the centralisation of resources and power. Which is something Macron, being a head of state who wants to keep French forces in Syria, should be taking note of. After all, if you check out what started the war in Syria, it was climate change drying up rivers, that were then dammed for energy production that upset the population of those regions who then kicked off.

Big energy is one of the major factors in what we’re all witnessing. From runaway climate change to the destruction of the coral reefs and now plankton collapse in the oceans and the nine types of plastic we’re all currently shitting seeing as feeding farm animals plastics has become part of our recycling strategy. All of it is a direct product of the prohibition of cannabis!

Wasted resources

Our whole society is built on, and rapidly being eradicated by, a resource that we should never have been using in the first place!!

For those climate change deniers, what happens when you actively eradicate an essential part of your ecosystem in cannabis, that sequesters 325kg of atmospheric carbon for every ton cultivated, while burning literally gigatonnes of carbon-based fossil fuels, the removal of which can be witnessed by taking a visit to any of the old coal mines across the UK?

Is it rocket science? I don’t think so!

By basing our whole society on fossil fuels we have enabled a false paradigm of scarcity that has created $247 trillion of global debt. The more energy prices fluctuate because of wars in places such as Syria, where Genie Oil would really like to get their hands on the Golan Heights that was awarded to them by our ‘friends and allies’ in Tel Aviv, or Yemen now that our ‘friends and allies’ of the House of Saud have been past peak oil for more than two decades, the further prices spike! All of which keeps British arms manufacturers such as Raytheon and BAE, that Phillip May’s Capital Group have shares in, massively busy as the UK is the world’s second-biggest arms dealer.

The more Middle Eastern economies fluctuate due to whatever resource war is going on, the more that effects global economies because of energy production prices.

In 1927, Henry Ford commissioned a study that found with only 6% of land set aside for industrial cannabis cultivation, America would have been energy independent without the need for fossil fuels. Instead, they went with prohibition and the Yellow Vests are now becoming the inevitable conclusion of that decision.

By including cannabis, a highly versatile multipurpose material resource capable of replacing those fossil fuel resources that are increasingly becoming ‘stranded assets’ in a time of divestment, in the war on drugs, we perpetuate the war on terror, that in turn perpetuates resource wars across the Middle East!

The war on drugs and the war on terror are the same fucking war, feeding back into each other to loop around to a war on ALL OF US!!

Any green deal has to start with foundations of cannabis! We literally have no choice at this point in history!!

From energy production to drugs, £6 million per acre of foundation resource on the doorsteps of austerity-hit communities, currently being crippled by Universal Discredit, is a silver bullet to all we’re seeing, by levelling the playing field with a capitalist industry, that has so much benefit for all of us as a global community, it has a socialist agenda!

Hemp not fracking

No fracking way.However, if the likes of Lancashire Police still want to go out and contribute an extra £107 towards their pay cut via their Council Taxes to keep them and their mates in a job guarding fracking wells for the same big energy companies. They stand in toxic clouds evolving the ability to cling film their own bowel movements, for an industry that killed more people in American oil fields than died fighting wars in Afghanistan over the last ten years. Who are we to judge them for doing so as they brutally violate the FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT (you may want to check your terms and conditions of employment guys) to protest of disabled protestors at such sites. Many of whom would benefit from having fields of weed on their doorsteps and tens of thousands people working so that their social care costs were covered, by reporting them to the human rights abusing DWP, who recently admitted to fucking over 4,500 of them before the Christmas recess, while also cutting £85 million in specialist public health services. This is a blatant attempt to terrorise them into conformity through the sanctions system?

With a no deal Brexit on the horizon and gagging orders galore issued from 10 Downing Street to the NHS and pharmaceutical companies, show me another drug that could plug all of the gaps of £57 billion spending on obesity-related diabetes, cancer rates at 1 in 2 (women 6 times more likely to develop it than men and a 40% increase in childhood cancers in the last 16 years), Alzheimer’s – the most common cause of death in England and Wales, £5.5 million per week on antidepressants and of course there’s always antimicrobial resistance predicted to wipe out modern medicine.

The 70% of $elf-$ervative MP’s with vested interests in private healthcare will be coining it in with a no deal Brexit. Such as the Christian fundamentalists, Terrorist Maybot with her 22% stake in the worlds biggest processor and exporter of magic money trees, GW Pharmaceuticals.

Then there’s Jacob’s Real-Smug, who is currently advising Tilray how to break into the NHS after an eventful couple of weeks telling Maybot to resign, then finding confidence in her. Then he’s decried homelessness in the UK that has risen year on year over the last 5 years, that has led to 600 deaths on our streets due to policies he voted through, which James Brokenshire, Tory Housing Secretary, has admitted party policy has led to, but cokehead Osbourne obviously denies, while taking a £7.6 million bung from the budget two years ago to do up his wife’s stately home. With a no deal Brexit, they also dodge the anti-tax avoidance laws the EU are bringing in, so they can carry on offshoring profits from what is being lined up as the world’s most expensive medical cannabis model, while socialising any losses from their asset stripping agenda of disaster capitalism, through the centralised banking system.

Fun fact 1: Did you know that during the ’70s, the Irish Banks went on strike for six months? Do you know what happened? Nothing! The pubs took over running the economy and everything was fine. UK pubs are now closing down at around 20 per week. We may have a similar situation with Irish banks before long if events at Roscommon are anything to go by.

Fun fact 2: Dispensaries in Colorado currently outnumber tax avoiding outlets like Starbucks (that Phillip May’s Capital Group advise), and MacDonalds, as well as 7-11’s, combined! Because of Federal scheduling of cannabis, the big banks can’t work with that money so the taxes go back into the state rather than being avoided. Funny how that works eh?

Big energy, big pharma and big banking, are all too big to fail apparently. So tens of thousands being economically murdered is a price worth paying to keep them going. Gyula Remes being the most high profile as of late because he died at Westminster, which is Cressida Dick’s manor. The same Cressida Dick who wants the public (the same public she says will be put at risk by a no deal Brexit) to help police having a hard time, but will have her men protect a failed terrorist state who are meting out a greater violence against MILLIONS of men, women and children this Christmas, across the UK. Yet her force can’t find a single drone that may or may not have been a drone in the first place, that a member of said failed terrorist state, Liz Truss, thinks will be deterred by barking dogs (not the ones at the illegal fox hunts being protected by the police that they’ll all be enjoying as they terrorise communities further, obviously) before they all swan off for pigs in blankets AND mince pies, with their friends at the ‘Integrity Initiative’, TALLY HO!!!!!

It would be laughable if it wasn’t so damned serious!!

Decentralised resource-based economies on foundations of cannabis are the real green deals we need if future generations are to have a future!!

I’m going to finish with a couple of quotes for the 3,500 troops due to be deployed to British streets when no deal happens;

There’s a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people.” – Commander William Adama

Government is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is force, which like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” – George Washington.

Because nothing says ‘will of the people’ like a flood of gagging orders flowing from Conservative Central Head Quarters (CCHQ).

Prohibition, it doesn’t affect you though … does it?

Trev Coleman

Trev Coleman is an environmental activist who specialises in the benefits of the cannabis/ hemp plant that could help save the environment, create jobs, boost the economy and benefit the NHS.


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