Game over: Brexit means disaster for UK computer game industry.

Game over: Brexit means disaster for UK computer game industry.

By Richard Shrubb

The video games industry in the UK has had some worldwide hits like Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider and Total War. It employed 47,000 staff and is worth in excess of £5 billion a year to the economy, that’s four times more than the British fishing industry.

This has happened in a large part thanks to the industry’s access to the biggest consumer market in the world – the European Union. Whatever way we leave the EU on the 29th March, it is going to hurt the industry worse than a psychotic war hammer…

Skilled immigrants

Games4EU logo

Games4EU predict Brexit will have disastrous consequences for the UK computer gaming industry.

The games industry anti-Brexit website claims that 38% of the 47,000 strong video games publishing workforce are EU migrant workers. Most of this 17,860 aren’t earning the government’s proposed threshold of £30,000 a year or more to work here after Brexit so while Theresa May is so concerned about her political bosom buddy, racist twat Tommy Robinson’s belief that there are ‘too many immigrants’ this industry is going to have more than a third of its staff potentially chucked out of the country.

These aren’t ‘plumbers stealing jobs’ but ridiculously skilled workers who can bring your vivid acid dreams to reality by programming computers! Games4EU’s George Osborn (not the cokehead former Chancellor) told PC Insider last year, “this could lead to cultural diminishment for the sector, discouraging international companies and talent from settling here and pushing affected businesses to relocate to the EU.” So while the companies already here are going to be stuffed like former Prime Minister David Cameron excitedly does pig’s heads, no new business is coming our way.

Costs to business

At the moment you can carry on business in the UK and sell your services to the Czech Republic (in the EU) just as easily as you would into Northern Ireland (in the UK). Like many industries, Games4EU worry about the sheer costs involved in cutting UK leaving the EU. Osborn again: “increased uncertainty for businesses, … leads to elevated bureaucracy and costs – especially if a data adequacy deal was not secured. The second would be increased costs for products and services, with the possibilities of some services like Amazon Prime falling apart in a no deal scenario.”

This could make it a lot harder for new businesses to start up and it will send at least a few video gaming businesses under. Many others are planning to GTF out of here.

Run for the hills!

According to the Games4EU website, “40% of UK video games companies are considering relocating part or all of their business after Brexit”. That’s hardly going to leave the UK a green and pleasant land where we produce the best goods and services in the world is it, when half an industry is planning on getting out? This mirrors investment banks and car companies – both huge employers here – that are getting out too.

‘Hostile environment’

Theresa May’s proudest achievement is the Home Office racist ‘hostile immigration environment’. Now that shrivelled old bitch has created a ‘hostile business environment’ where never mind desperate immigrants being deterred from walking 5000 miles to get a job here, multimillion pound businesses are packing their bags and getting out. Given Blighty’s reputation of being such a good place to do business in, that takes quite some effort!

Richard Shrubb

Richard is a marijuana, water sports and electric vehicles writer based in Dorchester, Dorset. Living in Prince Charles model housing estate, Poundbury, he is an avowed republican, community and Labour Party activist. Visit his website at for more about what he does.

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