Billy Cardwell with his mother Charlotte

By Richard Shrubb

I’m going to call the Conservative Party something a bit rude now. They are a bunch of child murdering hypocrites. Let’s look at why this is the case.

If the government is so convinced that cannabis is so dangerous, why have so many MPs got their snouts in medical marijuana investments?

While the Tories preach it is so dangerous, a young man from Northern Ireland is in agony in London after his anti-epilepsy marijuana medication was confiscated at Heathrow Airport this week. Without his meds, 10-year-old Billy Caldwell has up to 100 seizures a day.

Billy’s situation is unavoidably political. According to the Belfast Live website, his mother “Charlotte Caldwell has moved into a property in North London after government mandarin whispers that Billy’s health should be treated as a devolved issue.” It being a ‘devolved issue’ the government could easily say that they’ll sort it out when the Unionists and Republicans come to an agreement and the power of self-governance returns to Stormont. Billy would be dead by then. That’s why they are staying in London – as British Citizens they have moved to a place in Britain where they can’t be swept into the political long grass.

Charlotte told Belfast Live, “Well we’re not going. We will be medical exiles in London until Billy’s medication is returned to us. We’re here to fight for Billy and all the other children who need anti-epilepsy medication derived from cannabis plants.”

This has made things rather uncomfortable for Theresa May who both says God told her weed is dangerous yet her hubby Philip May’s business owns a 22% stake in medical marijuana company GW Pharmaceuticals. Why? The 10 MPs of the DUP that May hired to be her political majority in the House of Commons support Billy and Charlotte.

Belfast Live again: A DUP spokesperson told the media outlet, “Consideration has been given to specific process where medication could be provided on an individual basis at the request of an individual clinician to a particular patient for a particular condition.” In short, while the Tories tell Billy’s mum to let him die an agonising death, even the DUP have demanded that he’s given his medication to live. They could end up throwing their weight about and even threaten to walk out of the coalition to make this happen. Wouldn’t that be a shame?!

Tories with their snouts in weed

Three extremely senior Tory MPs, including the Prime Minister, the government minister for drugs policy and my own MP Oliver Letwin have major dealings in cannabis. Let’s look at all three in current political seniority.

Prime Minister Theresa May, aka The Maybot. The Mirror newspaper reported earlier this week, “Theresa May’s husband Philip’s Capital Group is the largest investor in GW Pharmaceuticals, which mass produces it here.” He owns 22% of the company so this can’t be ignored, and contrary to what the Mirror says, you can get its flagship medication Sativex on the NHS for neuropathic Multiple Sclerosis pain and cramps – only by ‘Postcode Lottery’ though – it depends on whether the local bureaucrats are willing to pay for it.

Theresa and Philip May

Theresa May claims cannabis is dangerous and has no medical value, while her husband, Philip May, is the largest investor in GW Pharmaceuticals, which mass produces cannabis in the UK, where it is banned, for a foreign market.

Drugs minister Victoria Atkins is married to the Managing Director of British Sugar, which has a 45-acre cannabis grow for GW Pharmaceuticals’ new anti-epileptic drug Epidiolex. This medication could be used to treat Billy but has not been licensed as a medication in the UK even though it has proven efficacy in some types of epilepsy and has been licensed elsewhere.

Oliver Letwin too? Rothschild stalkers love this guy – my right merchant banker of an MP here in West Dorset. He’s a good buddy of GW’s Chairman of the Board, Geoffrey Guy who bungs old Olly the Wally the odd £60,000 for his campaign coffers. Personally, I’d prefer it if Olly was just honest and took it as a bribe. Campaign donations are just that – after becoming Chair of a committee to look at land banking he mysteriously received a campaign donation from a notorious local land bank screwing things up on the mainland end of the Portland Causeway.

Murderous hypocrites?

Given all you’ve seen here, you could safely call the Conservative Party a bunch of corrupt, child murdering hypocrites.

While everyone takes their ‘legal’ drugs money it is banned here in the UK and a young boy is having a painful and slow death because of their rank hypocrisy.

The law with regard to medical cannabis is just beyond ridiculous and needs to change.

Cuntservatives refuse cannabis medication for Billy Caldwell.

Richard Shrubb

Richard is a marijuana, water sports and electric vehicles writer based in Dorchester, Dorset. Living in Prince Charles model housing estate, Poundbury, he is an avowed republican, community and Labour Party activist. Visit his website at for more about what he does.

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