Beware of the grass.

By Kevin John Braid

It’s not only national tabloids like the Daily Mail that write nonsense about cannabis, local newspaper journalist, Alex Evans, also can too.

The Yorkshire Post, demonstrated that local newspapers are equally capable of writing shoddy and dishonest journalism when it comes to marijuana.

Tabloid hack, Alex Evans, published an article urging people to grass up their neighbours if they suspected them of smoking weed.

I personally wouldn’t begrudge anyone smoking cannabis in the privacy of their own home, especially during the lockdown where many people are under house arrest.

Alex Evans, journalist, Yorkshire Evening Post

Tabloid hack, Alex Evans, of the Yorkshire Evening Post wants you to grass up your neighbours to the police for having a toke in the privacy of their own home.

Alex Evans’ piece made the ludicrous claim that “people smoking cannabis in their own homes continues to cause problems in some communities across Yorkshire – especially when we’re all packed together and staying home right now

Mr Evans continues by urging people to grass up their neighbours if they suspect they are smoking or growing cannabis in the privacy of their own.

Feed The Birds recently reported how in California, weed is considered an essential good, while in the UK, booze is considered an essential good while cannabis consumers continue to be persecuted.

The article also quoted a South Yorkshire Police spokesperson saying “Local residents are often best placed to see on a daily basis whether their neighbours are behaving suspiciously and could be in possession of, cultivating or supplying drugs in their homes.”

But, police have also stressed that “your neighbours won’t find out that you’re the one who’s tipped them off.

National crisis

At a time of national crisis, it is outrageous that our underfunded police service should be wasting their time hassling people consuming or growing a plant that is legal in much of the world.

I dispute that people consuming or growing cannabis in the privacy of their own home are causing anybody any trouble.

It’s unlikely neighbours would be able to notice the pleasant smell of a joint and most growers should have odour elimination measures in place, such as carbon filters or ozone generates that negate the smell.

If you are a cannabis consumer or grower who is concerned they have a nasty neighbour who could potentially smell it and might rat you out, I can give some sensible advice to avoid getting caught.

For example, if you’re smoking or vaping cannabis then joss sticks are handy to hide odours or even cheap air fresheners from the supermarket. If you want the Rolls Royce of odour eliminators then I recommend Ozium air sanitiser, which will totally eliminate the smell.

Ozium has a pleasant scent as well as eliminating odours and bacteria in the air. Only a tiny squirt is needed and it’s advisable not to breathe it in directly or spray near pets.

How to avoid getting caught

If you are a responsible citizen who is growing their own cannabis so that it is not potentially sourced from the criminal black market then it is vital you take precautions to avoid getting caught.

Obviously, rule number one is not to tell anybody about your grow room. Most people get busted because they get grassed up. Secondly, make sure you have good odour elimination in your grow room. A decent carbon filter, if set up properly, will completely negate all unwanted smells.

Ozone generators will also negate any smell, these are particularly useful when drying your crop, although a carbon filter will suffice.

Finally, make sure you don’t live near the grass, Peter Reynolds.

Alex Evans mean-spirited

Alex Evans’ article is particularly mean-spirited, encouraging people to waste police resources to grass up their neighbour for consuming or growing a medicinally beneficial plant that is way safer than alcohol.

Brits are responsibly following the government’s lockdown advice by staying at home, so who can blame them for wanting to enjoy the therapeutic effects of cannabis, whether that be by smoking, vaping or eating?

Of course, many cannabis consumers are using it for medical conditions.

I spoke to Jeff Ditchfield, founder of Bud Buddies, an organisation that facilities obtaining cannabis for seriously ill patients to see what he thought about the Yorkshire Post’s campaign to encourage folks to dob their neighbours to the police.

“Why not go and talk to your neighbour? They could be seriously or even terminally ill. If they’re suffering severe pain smoking a joint or vaping may be their only pain relief.”

I asked Jeff about the legalities

“Unfortunately, under UK law, “the smell of cannabis” can be viewed as “reasonable grounds for suspicion *

“Reporting a neighbour to the police because you get a whiff of a joint is a bit excessive to say the least.

“As of today, there have been 672 deaths in Yorkshire hospitals due to coronavirus. I am quite sure that Alex Evans’ readers would prefer him to be investigating this tragedy rather than the smell of a joint from a neighbour.

“Alex Evans should get a grip,” added Jeff.

Kevin John Braid in Amersterdam.

Kevin John Braid in Amsterdam.

Kevin John Braid is an artist, writer and activist who was born in Scotland, grew up in the U.S.A. (California and Arizona), lived in England for a few years, and now lives in Poland. He has spent many years fighting against marijuana prohibition, and is a lover of books, cooking and Nietzsche.

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