Police van UK Tory austerity cuts.

Police van UK Tory austerity cuts.

By Richard Shrubb

Could the UK be in the midst of a mass riot even now? Riots occur when groups of people finally snap and go after those who have pushed them over the edge.

You imagine a ‘riot’ as dozens of people smashing the joint up – isn’t that already happening today in the spate of ‘antisocial behaviour’ across the UK? Isn’t there a UK wide riot taking place even now?

Some facts and figures

  • The BBC did a Freedom of Information request and found that 200 ambulances had been smashed up in the last three years – roughly one a week.
  • Stats have come out showing that 37 kids have died due to knife crime in the last year in England and Wales.
  • In pig loving former PM David Cameron’s constituency Witney, a local councillor said that antisocial behaviour is rocketing thanks to their dishonourable friend’s destruction of youth services. The local rag said, “reports on Witney community policing issues at town council meetings, with several cases of anti-social behaviour and vandalism occurring in the town since the start of October alone.”
  • In my home county of Dorset the Police and Crime Commissioner recently said, “Policing in Dorset has now reached the tipping point; I now struggle to look people in the face and say the police can keep people safe, because I don’t think they can.” Every single PCC in the UK will have said the same thing in recent months as the police disappear and crime explodes – every form of crime from shoplifting to murder.

The evaporating state

Vicky Foxcroft, Labour MP for Lewisham Deptford.

Vicky Foxcroft MP, chair of Youth & Violence Commission.

Given the opportunity to move forward in life without being banged up in prison, every child in the UK would leap at the chance. Instead, we see cuts and kickings at every opportunity. I have chosen the stories above for a reason – why?

Regarding the London stabbings, Vicky Foxcroft, the Labour MP for Lewisham, Deptford and chair of the Youth Violence Commission, told The Guardian: “Sadly, the increase does not surprise me. You can’t cut police, Sure Start, essential services in schools, access to mental health services and youth work, and not expect there to be a consequence. And beyond the tragic fatalities, there’s an exponentially larger number of knife attacks that don’t kill children but do create a climate of fear.”

900 Youth Centre jobs have been cut in the last 2 years according to Unison the union. The Independent newspaper reported, “Nearly 900 youth worker jobs have been axed and at least 160 centres closed since 2016, according to a new report by one of the UK’s biggest unions. This is in addition to an estimated £387m of cuts during David Cameron’s tenure as prime minister between 2010 and 2016, and the closure of 600 facilities.”

Somewhat pleasingly this is coming home to roost in Witney where the old pig loving PM lives! Cllr Price said, “Most people know about the importance of provision and having a network of support all the way through childhood. If people don’t have that they will come together to find entertainment, and there’s not always an acceptable way of doing that.”

Universal Credit is being rolled out, putting millions in dire financial problems thanks to its bullying philosophy.

Put together you can see all this as being a collective cry for help.

Aggregating crime – isn’t rioting happening now?

In my last blog, Why aren’t we rioting like the French, I argued that the reasoning for rioting determines the outcome. Why not aggregate the crime together and call it a riot? In large parts of Weymouth in Dorset, the most economically deprived town in the UK, it is unsafe to go out at night. Why? You don’t know who’s out there, dealing drugs, smashing up cars and generally having a laugh in the vacuum of the state. Lawlessness abounds in large parts of the UK. Isn’t lawlessness also ‘civil unrest’? Isn’t civil unrest a result of the lack of state provision to support people to live a wholesome life?

Dealing with it at root

In the riots blog, I said how the Tories had seized the reasoning behind the riots of 2011. They were wrong. Want proof? How about a Torygraph article in 2016 which showed just how badly the £400 million Troubled Families programme failed: “The report, which was published last night, found that families who were on the programme were no more likely to find jobs, stop claiming benefits or improve the school attendance of their children.” Yup, £400 million pissed up a wall to ‘win an argument’ instead of fixing the problem.

Yet we have shown direct links between the disappearing state and the explosion of civil unrest. The answer is pretty simple: start paying out for the services that have been cut that resulted in the silent riots we see today and make our homes, cities and towns safe to live in.

Richard Shrubb

Richard is a marijuana, water sports and electric vehicles writer based in Dorchester, Dorset. Living in Prince Charles model housing estate, Poundbury, he is an avowed republican, community and Labour Party activist. Visit his website at www.richardshrubb.com for more about what he does.

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