European elections, remain wins, the far-right loses.

European elections, remain wins, the far-right loses.

By Chris Bovey

The Euro election results have been counted and it’s clear the predicted rise of the far-right did not happen and the UK voted to Remain in the EU.

The newly formed Brexit Party, Farage’s rebrand of UKIP after it fell apart following a string of scandals, received the most votes in the UK, which he and the Tory-right are claiming sends a message to the government to get on with Brexit.

That is not the case, more people voted for pro-Remain parties than they did for pro-Brexit ones. For the first time in 100 years, the Liberals have beaten both the Conservatives and Labour in a national election. The Greens have had their best result since 1989 and the combined vote of pro-EU Lib Dems, Greens, SNP, Plaid Cymru, Sinn Fein, Alliance Party of Northern Ireland and Change UK scored more votes than the Brexit Party and UKIP who both advocate a hard Brexit.

I like playing with spreadsheets, so I put in the percentages of national votes from all the British political parties into Microsoft Excel and made pretty pie charts.

Pie chart of Euro election results in the UK showing percentage share received by each party.

European election results for the United Kingdom, May 2019.

It was a terrible night for the Conservatives with an embarrassing 9 per cent (rounded up), their lowest national vote share ever since they were formed in 1834.

It was not a much better night for Labour, the only comfort they can take is they achieved little short of 5% more than the Tories and just beat the Greens by a whopping 0.9%.

It is clear, most of Labour’s vote haemorrhaged to the Lib Dems and Greens in the South of England, with some also going to Brexit in parts of the north. Conversely, the Conservatives, being the natural home of bigots and little Englanders saw most of their vote go to the Brexit Party.

More people have signed the Revoke Article 50 petition than voted for the Brexit party.

Here’s another pie chart I made:

Pie chart of Euro election results in the UK showing percentage share received by each party.

This pie chart taken from the Euro election results proves beyond doubt he UK absolutely does not want a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

It would be naive to assume all Conservative voters want to get on with a ‘no deal’ Brexit. They don’t and most of the ones that do almost certainly opted for the Brexit Party or UKIP, mustering up just a third of the popular vote.

Doris Karloff is now one of my MEPs, as well as three Remain supporting MEPs

Ann Widdecombe MEP (aka Doris Karloff)

This festering old hag is now one of my MEPs.

In my own constituency of the South West of England, the Brexit Party won three seats, with two going to the Lib Dems, including Caroline Voaden from my home town of Totnes and the Greens retaining their excellent MEP, Molly Scott Cato.

I am delighted that proportional representation has meant 50% of my region’s MEPs are pro-Remain, not so happy that I am also represented by the woman with the least appealing hymen in the world, Ann Widdecombe, who was branded as Doris Karloff when she was a Tory Prisons Minister in John Major’s government for endorsing the policy of handcuffing pregnant prisoners to the bed while giving birth.

Widdecombe’s ugly mug has been all over the news saying how this sends a message to the government to get on with Brexit, ignoring the fact that in her own constituency, Remain supporting parties achieved 44.1% of the vote, compared with the combined vote of Brexit and UKIP that came to 39.9%. The Remain parties combined got 68,590 more votes than the Brexit and UKIP Parties in the South West of England.

In terms of Westminster, this changes nothing, yes we’ll soon have a new Tory leader, probably one even worse than Theresa May, but the Parliamentary arithmetic shall remain the same. There will still be no majority for a ‘no deal’ Brexit in the House of Commons, no matter what goon the dwindling geriatric membership of the Conservative and Unionist Party elects to be the next British Prime Minister.

Bar graph of South West England Euro election results, 2019.

Euro Election results for the South West of England, May 2019.

Farage’s Brexit party received 3.9% more than his old UKIP did back in 2014

In the 2015 General Election the UKIP vote went down to 12.6% and they elected only one MP. In May’s snap election of 2017, their vote went down to 1.6%, also losing their lone MP.

The Brexit Party is still a single issue party led by the same populist bigot who couldn’t even win a parliamentary seat in KIPPER central of Thanet. Farage’s gloating on the TV since the results were announced is all bullshit. They would be lucky to win a single seat under the current FPTP electoral system and even under Proportional Representation, they would not win enough seats to form a government of any kind.

More people voted for pro-Remain parties than ‘no deal’ Brexit parties and of the 23.2% of the population who voted for the established political parties 61% went to Labour who officially favours a softer Brexit compared with 39% to the Tories who want a harder Brexit than Labour.

In Northern Ireland, they now have two anti-Brexit MEPs instead of one, with the Ulster Unionists losing their seat to the non-sectarian pro-EU Alliance Party of Northern Ireland.

In Scotland, the Labour vote collapsed, with the SNP topping the polls. Over 60 per cent of the Scottish vote went to pro-Remain parties, with the SNP increasing their vote share, which is unprecedented for a party that has been in power for 12 years to increase their vote by approximately 9%.

Similar story in Wales, while the Brexit Party did get the most Welsh votes, the combined votes of the pro-Remain, Plaid Cymru, Lib Dems, Greens and Change UK polled 83,401 more votes than the Brexit Party in Wales. While the Welsh result was a disaster for Labour, they at least managed to retain one MEP and still got twice as many votes as the Tories. This is the first time Plaid Cymru have beaten Labour in a national poll in Wales.

The opinion polls have consistently shown a shift in favour of remaining in the EU as the Brexit shambles unfolds. Remain won the 2019 Euro elections, no matter how much spin Farage and the Tory right try to put on the results, which is why they are so fiercely opposed to a People’s Vote. Anybody who claims otherwise is either a liar or a moron (or both).

The predicted rise of far-right in Europe failed to materialise

The make up of the European Parliament has changed. No longer do the centre-right European People’s Party group or the Socialists group run the show, but it’s not the right-wing nationalists who made the gains. Farage’s EFDD group only increased its number of MEPs by 14 and the Eurosceptic ECR group saw a net loss of 13 MEPs leaving the right-wing nationalists with one more MEP than they had in 2014.

It was the pro-EU Liberals, the Greens and ENF that saw the big gains, winning an additional 54 MEPs combined between them. This means the makeup of the new European will be more in favour of political parties that support European ideals and not the far-right nationalists who will have no influence over the new European Parliament, even in the unlikely event of Farage and his cronies actually bothering to turn up and do the job they are paid to do.

Chris Bovey, writer and musician.

Chris Bovey is a businessman, writer, artist, musician and practical joker. He lives in Devon with his partner, two children and cat. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter @ADHD_BadBoy.

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