Boris Johnson MP dressed as the scary clown from the horror film, It.

Boris Johnson MP dressed as the scary clown from the film, It.

By Rowan Bosworth-Davies

This man has long proved himself unsuited for any position of trust, but apparently, we still need to remind ourselves of his manifest lack of suitability to be Prime Minister.

Of course, BoJo has wanted this job for many years, and he has long set out his stall to capture the honour.

When David Cameron called for a referendum to decide the future of our relationship with the EU, he little realised that he would be opening a Pandora’s box from which someone as unsuitable and dysfunctional as Boris Johnson would ultimately emerge, purporting to represent himself as some latter-day, Tory Messiah.

Very soon, an unrepresentative gang of approximately 130,000-odd, old, embittered, anti-Europe Tories are going to vote for the next Prime Minister of this country. This tiny rump of antediluvian fossils are almost certain to vote for this buffoon, this unmitigated chancer and consummate con artist to lead their increasingly cretinous party, because they are frightened of change, and of losing their status of entrenched privilege.

Unrepentant liar, serial adulterer and former public school buffoon

The entire Brexit episode has turned this country into a morass of gibbering idiots. It is a measure of how far down the scale of reality the Tories have sunk that so many MPs are willing to give their vote to this unrepentant liar, serial adulterer and former public school buffoon who now struts and frets his hour upon the stage.

I mean, it’s not as if these clowns have not seen the evidence of how BoJo behaves or conducts himself. Yet in the case of BoJo, all logic and common sense has deserted those who will be voting for him. Let us examine the facts.

Photo of Boris Johnson's former boss, Sir Max Hastings.

Boris’ former boss, Sir Max Hastings, says BoJo is unfit to hold the office of Prime Minister.

The words of Max Hastings, who once employed BoJo as a columnist, give a good clue.

Boris is a gold medal egomaniac. I would not trust him with my wife nor – from painful experience – my wallet. His chaotic public persona is not an act – he is indeed manically disorganised about everything except his own image management. He is also a far more ruthless and frankly, nastier, figure than the public appreciates. I would not take Boris’s word about whether it is Monday or Tuesday. He is not a man to believe in, to trust or respect, save as a superlative exhibitionist. He is bereft of judgement, loyalty or discretion. Only in the star-crazed, frivolous Britain of the 21st Century, could such a man have risen so high, and he is utterly unfit to go higher still.

One would think that with a reputation like that, the person concerned would be relegated to the dustbin of history, but not BoJo.

Unrepentant Euro-haters

He knows, in his water, that the small group of Tory crumblies who will queue up to vote for him in the Party election, are unrepentant Euro-haters to a man and woman. He knows that as long as he captures their imprimatur, he will become Prime Minister in our outdated and dreadful electoral system. To be Prime Minister of the UK is to hold one of the most powerful political roles in the world, and that is what this bumbling buffoon is after, power!

All his supporters have to do is to keep the faithful in their state of blissful somnolence, ignoring the facts about this mendacious liar for as long as it takes to get their cross in the box against his name. This is why he has been ducking all press interviews and debates, because his backers know he will put his foot firmly in his mouth if he is allowed the wiggle room.

Childish and immature

The Tories have manifestly failed to get their business through the Commons, and they should now be seeking re-election in a General ballot. It is unconscionable that someone who is as big a political liability as BoJo should now be standing on the threshold of taking power by default.

His views on Europe are childish and immature, (he spent years writing column inches berating the EU), and the Euro-managers are unlikely to forget or forgive his insults and jibes. Whatever demands he makes in Brussels will be ignored, and he will then drag us out of the EU in a ‘No Deal’ outcome. Of course, when this all goes tits up, as it will surely do, BoJo will blame Brussels for not giving him what he wants.

The words of lady Caroline Lamb, when talking about Lord Byron are very apposite here, and could just as easily have been said about BoJo.

He is mad, bad and dangerous to know.”

Sadly, very sadly, we will all soon be realising how mad, bad and dangerous this clown truly is!

Rowan Bosworth-Davies singing and playing guitar.

Rowan Bosworth-Davies is a retired Detective Inspector of the Metropolitan Police Fraud Squad who lives in London with his wife. As well as being passionately opposed to Brexit, he enjoys folk music and is a keen amateur singer-guitarist. You can read more of Rowan’s articles on his blog at

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