Plastic pollution problem: Sea Turtle eats plastic bottle

Plastic pollution problem: Sea Turtle eats plastic bottle

By Trev Coleman

A recent EU wide study found that every person tested across the region had at least 9 types of plastics in their stools. Some people like to say that cannabis prohibition doesn’t affect them. But guess what? It does!

Had we been making biodegradable plastics from industrialised cannabis for the last 100 years or so, do you really think we would all be in this position?

For a nation that created a global empire built on foundations of cannabis, the way we treat this plant now, for what are entirely political and ideological motivated reasons, is criminally stupid at this time in history!

For instance, fracking is one of the foundation resources of plastics production. Something for those camped out at Preston New Road (PNR) to consider as 30 plus earthquakes in their area lead to renewed calls for a halt to it.

Stop Fracking graphic

Stop fracking now!

PNR is 35 miles from the national graphene institute of Manchester that the Tories have already put over £200 million into to build the northern (poor) powerhouse. The one that’s surrounded by homeless, jobless super-strong spice addicts that are being moved along by council employees or their corpses lifted in ambulances on a daily basis.

But for political reasons, we’ll crack on with fracking and hand fossil fuels massive tax breaks in the budget despite having only 12 years to do something about catastrophic climate change that is already leading to a nutrient collapse in the food chain, ocean acidification, killing off the coral reefs and potential thermohaline shutdown.

For ideological reasons, we’ll let the homeless have their spice fix while we do all we can to block access to an industry that could aid in getting them off the streets with well paid and abundant jobs, that are also being used to treat sick kids and give access to natural meds they need at a time when the NHS is seriously underfunded, understaffed and on its knees, because the Tories would rather people suffer and die than interrupt their revenue streams.

Those millions per year don’t launder and offshore by themselves. There’s a lot of hard work goes into maintaining those shell corporations.

Ending prohibition would save the police £900 million per year. According to Labour, it would cost £300 million to put 10,000 back on our streets. There’s your 21,000 that have been cut, back on our streets, with added interest, at a time when violent crime is off the scale and the cops can’t cope, plus they won’t have to waste their time on cannabis. It’s a win:win if you’re not trying to line greedy Tory pockets.

They’ll still turn out at PNR and asset strip communities of the Council Taxes that pay for them though. That and sell clothing lines to raise revenues for pensions that the Tories are now screwing them on. As well as raise Council Taxes, which is currently the country’s leading form of debt thanks to more than 40% of the workforce being on less than £12,500 per year, 9 million on benefits, Universal Credit crippling communities as food bank use rises, etc., to pay for cuts to their services.

If people aren’t working, then bills don’t get paid. If people are working, Council Taxes are paid and our police are properly publicly funded. It’s not rocket science.

Show me another global growth industry that can plug all of the gaps in the UK economy as all sectors are revised down?

But we’ll crack on with another political and ideological decision that’s detrimental to the well-being of UK citizens instead with austerity as our high streets die in favour of online retailers who get massive tax breaks for their slave labour, zero hour exploitation practices allowing the Tories to fudge their numbers. They can’t have tax paying cannabis dispensaries outnumbering tax avoiding outlets like Starbucks and MacDonalds on our high streets like they are in places like Colorado, as it’ll just show them up for the criminals they are who’ve  made a political and ideological choice that’s led to tens of thousands of vulnerable people being economically murdered.

Every reason behind cannabis prohibition is political and ideological!

Here’s an idea for what’s left of the police to consider, they could use the legislation they’re employed to enforce, aka, doing their job.

Terrorism Act 2000

Terrorism: interpretation.

  • (1) In this Act ìterrorismî means the use or threat of action whereó
  • (a) the action falls within subsection (2),

  • (b)the use or threat is designed to influence the government [or an international governmental organisation] or to intimidate the public or a section of the public, and

  • the use or threat is made for the purpose of advancing a political, religious, [racial] or ideological cause.


They don’t make the laws, right? Just enforce them? Supposedly anyway.

With an extra 30,000 of them, there would be more than enough to investigate the terrorist offences being committed by the Tory Party Criminal Gang Mafia against the people of Britain.

Not to mention internationally overseas when you consider the implications of their part in what’s happening in Yemen that our PM personally profits from through hubby Phil’s portfolio. This is also in the pursuit of fossil fuels that are killing all life on Earth that could easily be replaced from our farmer’s fields if they planted hemp, but that would impact their revenue streams from them being the world’s biggest exporter of medical cannabis.

We’ll just beg for scraps from the table of blatant terrorists rather than hold them accountable as we develop the ability to cling film our bowel movements, eh?

Trev Coleman

Trev Coleman is an environmental activist who specialises in the benefits of the cannabis/ hemp plant that could help save the environment, create jobs, boost the economy and benefit the NHS.

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