Lewis Bates sent to prison for minor drugs offences by Chester Crown Court who also lets convicted perverts walk free with lenient sentences.

By Chris Bovey

A teenager has been locked up for three years for selling cannabis and three ecstasy pills worth £200 in total.

According to the Liverpool Echo, Lewis Bates, 18, of Grangemoor, was ordered to serve three years in a Young Offenders Institution by Chester Crown Court.

The British cannabis postcode lottery means he could have got off with a simple caution if he lived in another area of the country where police forces give low priority to low-level drug offences.

In Canada or much or the USA, Lewis Bates, could be considered an entrepreneur for selling legal cannabis, with the government collecting taxes to fund public service. However, in the backward UK, some bastard of a judge chose to waste taxpayer’s money sending him to a prison for young offenders.

It costs on average £40,000 a year to send someone to prison in the UK, however, that cost is significantly escalated if the prisoner is sent to a Young Offenders Institution, rising to a dramatic £210,000.

So, some duffer of a judge at Chester Crown Court wants to spunk up to potentially £630,000 of taxpayers’ money sending this poor lad to a Young Offenders Institution.

Police Constable Chris Roberts, who led the investigation for Runcorn Local Policing Unit, said:

“I hope that whilst serving his custodial sentence he reflects on the life he has been leading.”

Well, that’s certainly quite a long time for him to contemplate how evil the British criminal justice system is. It’s more likely he will be schooled in crime from fellow inmates. It’s not like he is going to easily get a job when they let him out, thanks to the criminal record they have tarnished him with.

Detrimental impact on people, not communities

Constable Chris Roberts went on to say: “Illegal drugs have a hugely detrimental impact on our communities.

“They cause widespread misery and removing those involved in drug dealing from our town is of paramount importance.”

How a few bags of a plant that is scientifically proven to be 114 times safer than alcohol plus three pills that make you dance like a bawbag and want to hug the nearest living creature is making a detrimental impact on communities is beyond me.

Spaffing up hundreds of thousands of pounds that could be spent on schools, hospitals or indeed even the police is certainly detrimental to local communities.

Daily Mirror front page about David Cameron and his wife taking drugs.

Former PM, David Cameron admits to drug-taking with his wife. No jail time for them.

It was revealed at the weekend by former Prime Minister, David Cameron, that he “got off his head” while at exclusive school Eton as well as taking drugs with his wife. No prison for Mr Cameron, just like no prison for other Class A drug-taking Tories, like our PM Bo Jo the Clown or Michael Gove MP who hosted cocaine-fuelled parties.

Peaodophiles walk free from Chester Crown Court

Chester Crown Court is more lenient when it comes to paedophiles and perverts than it is with gardening.

Christopher Lloyd sent a picture of his bare backside and another of him indecently exposed in the bath to an undercover police officer believing she was a 13-year-old girl. Chester Crown Court let him off with suspended sentence. No jail time for him.

Another pervert, Adrian Joyce, who asked women and girls for directions before performing a sex act on himself in his car, was let off with a suspended prison sentence by Chester Crown Court.

Joyce claimed the perverted sex acts he performed in front of innocent school girls was a form of stress release. Smoking cannabis is a form of stress relief, only you’re more likely to get locked up for that by Chester Crown Court than you are for performing sex acts in front of schoolchildren.

Former Chief Constable, Tom Lloyd, told Feed The Birds: “Police Constable Chris Roberts does not understand the nature of the illicit drugs market.

“Arresting low-level drug dealers does not reaffirm ‘the message that drug dealing in Runcorn and the wider Cheshire area will not be tolerated’ as drug dealing will continue regardless as it has done for ages and will continue so to do.

“What actually causes ‘widespread misery’ is the hugely costly, counter-productive and harmful failure that is our failed policy of drug prohibition. Certainly, this young man’s prospects are severely damaged, and another young man will immediately step into his place and continue the supply.

“All drugs are more dangerous with their production and supply in the hands of criminal gangs. We must legally control and regulate the production and supply of drugs as a matter of extreme urgency,” said Tom Lloyd.

Chris Bovey, writer and musician.

Chris Bovey is a businessman, writer, artist, musician and practical joker. He lives in Devon with his partner, two children and cat. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter @ADHD_BadBoy.

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