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By Richard Shrubb

In this topsy-turvy world, we see a lot of bonkers court rulings that seem to be politically motivated rather than based on real harm. It now appears that you will walk free if you possess images of children being sexually abused yet if you use cannabis as a medicine you will be thrown in jail. Yes – caged for self-medicating yet set free for wanking over children being fucked up the bum.

I invite you to do some internet research and you will soon see what I mean. Google ‘medical cannabis users imprisoned’ and you will see four recent stories of people banged up for using cannabis as medicine in the UK in the last year or so.

The Independent newspaper however reported earlier this year, “Less than a quarter of the 2,528 people sentenced for making, distributing or publishing child sex abuse images last year were jailed”.

If you have half a gramme of conscience you will feel very uncomfortable over this. Nonces regularly defend themselves by saying it wasn’t them buggering babies – they were just tossing themselves off over someone else doing it. One of the first laws of capitalism is that where there is demand there will be supply. If these perverts weren’t prepared to pay for videos and photographs of children having their insides torn apart for the sexual gratification of some perv then there wouldn’t be supply.

A recent Telegraph newspaper report of one paedo who walked free said, “Among [the images] were 684 images of the most serious category A, and 228 extreme pornographic images, depicting the abuse of animals.” Yes, that’s 684 children being raped and 228 animals subjected to quite disgusting treatment.

Weed and handcuffs.

Stop sending cannabis consumers to prison, jail paedophiles instead.


Cannabis vs opiates

Opiates are the current go-to medicine for medical practitioners in the case of pain management. Last year my father was so caned off his tits on codeine for his back pain I was worried he might not survive. He was sat in a chair and sleeping most of the day – not unlike being given serious doses of heroin. Once more, opiates are so addictive you frequently need more and more to do the same job. They aren’t perfect? They are bloody terrible. His back got better – many others are in pain for life.

Different cannabis strains, however, can deal with the pain you feel while allowing you to function. They do slow you down a bit but you’re not fucked off your tits in a chair all day. I for one know several people who have stopped using their wheelchairs and with different doses of medical weed are able to function well in society. On opiates they’d be half comatose vegetables being pushed around all day by someone else.

A cannabis campaigner’s story from inside

Chris Baldwin cannabis campaigner photo.

The late Chris Baldwin, a medicinal cannabis user who spent a lifetime campaigning against the law.

The late Chris Baldwin’s life was changed when he stopped his opiate use for a spinal injury he had as a child. He was freed by weed. He started actively campaigning for medical cannabis use with various acts of civil disobedience including opening a cannabis cafe in Worthing. The authorities felt that he crossed the line somewhere and caged him for using his medicine.

He told a heartrending story of one incident in prison to The Argus. It told of the hell he endured in once incident as he was moved from a closed prison to Ford Open Prison. Have a read of the article – it makes for tough going. He concluded, “I feel as though I am being punished because I am disabled. In just over three weeks, I will probably be eligible for release on a tag. So why bother to move me? My day has been a nightmare.”

So, in this world you’re punished for self-medicating with a better medicine than the authorities can give you yet for fucking a kid’s body and mind up for life, you get to sleep in your bed that night, perhaps conjuring up some mental images of a baby being buggered as you fantasise yourself to sleep.

Child abuse and me

I was one of hundreds if not thousands of children who were sexually abused at boarding school over the years. It damaged my confidence, made me sexually confused and would lead to bullying at my senior public school. My headmaster David Cassell did 10 years for it – a different incident a couple of years before I was abused in 1985. I was later accused by someone in my family of making those memories up. I would argue that it had a major influence on my developing paranoid schizophrenia and being disabled for life.

Child sexual abuse is something that the child never walks away from unmarked. Why then do people get a lesser sentence for masturbating over those images than for taking a medicine?

Richard Shrubb

Richard is a marijuana, water sports and electric vehicles writer based in Dorchester, Dorset. Living in Prince Charles model housing estate, Poundbury, he is an avowed republican, community and Labour Party activist. Visit his website at for more about what he does.

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