Tiny cannabis seedlings found in the woods near Ashburton in Devon with a radiation warning superimposed.

By Akash Hashmi

Ashburton and Chudleigh Police have come across a mammoth drug bust …

… oh never mind they found a few seedlings in the woods.

In a place appropriately nicknamed by the locals, Hashburton, of all names. This is what they proudly posted on their Facebook page.

I’m sure Devon thanks these heroes in doing a job well done, as it’s highly probable that some no-gooder was planning on using the finished product to do something as dastardly as treating their illness.

It, however, appears that no crime has been committed here.

I’m assuming someone was out feeding the birds with legal cannabis or hemp seeds that you can buy online.

Probably just someone who really like birds, out scattering seed in the wood perhaps?

Now hear me out.

Birds can fly, but they are not equipped with a seed seeking radar system capable of detecting viably edible feed within an immediate radius.

No, most seed-eating bird species use their good ole’ eyes primarily.

A lot of birds, with a few exceptions, do not have incredible senses of smell sadly. Due to this unfortunate oversight on evolution’s part, sometimes the birds can miss a few seeds here and there.

The nature of seeds is to grow, and I feel that this is in fact what may have happened here. The seeds themselves decided to germinate by the hand of nature.

Honestly though, the comments under these never cease to make me chuckle.

Sarah Goldsmith can legally consume cannabis if she forks out £1,000 a month.

If you can spare a grand a month then you can have a legal medical cannabis prescription if your Consultant says you need it.

There are over 400 comments, we can’t screenshot them all, but if you go to their Facebook Page, the comments are hilarious. Here are a few more of our favourites.


Toke Pure facebook comment on Ashburton Police's Facebook page.

Weed found in Hashburton, surely not!


Comment on Ashburton & Chudleigh Police's Facebook page.

Victoria Leonard thinks this is a waste of police time and wonders why they haven’t solved 17 other crimes in the area.

UK Medical Cannabis Community tells Ashburton police that cannabis is the most useful plant in the world.

UK Medical Cannabis Community is not impressed either.

Anyway, I thought I’d give Ashburton and Chudleigh’s force a leg up in the standing of the world of cannabis vigilantism.

If they were this proud of finding these seedlings, I have a few locations on my ever-expanding radar of large-scale cannabis grows, of which I am very sure they’d love to be credited in finding.

I’ve done some investigating and my intel is completely accurate, wishing luck to the weed hunters at Ashburton and Chudleigh!

Here are the coordinates: 52°33’21.3″N 0°26’30.1″E

Hemp and cannabis seeds are nutritious

Remember hemp and cannabis seeds are the most nutritious seeds in the world.  They have a mild, nutty flavour and are often referred to as hemp hearts. Hemp seeds contain over 30% fat. They are exceptionally rich in two essential fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3) and linoleic acid (omega-6).

If you want to do your bit for bird feeding keep an eye out on the Feed The Birds Facebook Page where we’ve in the past given away thousands of genuine cannabis seeds from Dutch seed banks. You can also cheaply buy online organic hemp seeds for as little as £6.12 a kilo.

Birdies particularly like to eat near prominent public buildings or outside police stations or courthouses. These are the best places to feed birds as they’re more likely to get eaten as we wouldn’t want nature to take its course by germinating. If you do feed birds with hemp or cannabis seeds anywhere that the birdies don’t find and they accidentally germinate into a plant, please PM our Facebook page with a pic, so we can warn people of the dangers of bad bird feeding.

Photo of Akash Hashmi, journalist.

Akash Hashmi is a Journalism MA student from Sheffield with an undergraduate in Forensic Science. You can follow him on Twitter: @Akashmash.

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