Cannabis terrorist Lord Alan West of Spithead

Cannabis terrorist Lord Alan West of Spithead

By Richard Shrubb

As you will see in the video, earlier this week Lord West of Spithead spouted off about how terrorists are all stoned off their bollocks on skunk cannabis and therefore cannabis shouldn’t be used as a medicine.

Looking at the man’s career, he was once a very brave captain in the last serious naval action of the Royal Navy, has commanded Royal Navy Intelligence but we aren’t too sure what this has to do with weed.

Last man off the sinking ship

Captain Alan West was the last man off HMS Ardent when it was sunk during the Falklands War. I have a connection to that action – a close family friend was killed while manning its anti-aircraft guns. That battle was the last serious action the Royal Navy saw and West was the last man off the burning ship. He got the Distinguished Service Cross for his actions which were undeniably that of a decent fighting man.

Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson once said, “men and ships rot at the dock!” Back for tea and medals so West got a light bollocking for leaving top secret papers on a towpath, that the Daily Mail published. It seems that the Navy goes lightly on the few men to actually have seen serious warfare in its ships.

Lord Alan West of Spithead claims in the House of Lords that terrorists are cannabis users.

Lord Alan West of Spithead claims in the House of Lords that medical cannabis can turn people into terrorists..

Reading through the Wikipedia writeup of the man seems to have been wafted up the ranks and feted at every opportunity by all sorts of people.

In 1997 he was made Chief of Defence Intelligence. Could he have been fighting drug dealers? The Royal Navy had to justify itself so perhaps he put his finest spies onto that? Defence Intelligence isn’t MI5 – it is more using satellites and drones to watch Russians and dodgy Arabs.

By now retired First Sea Lord, West, was noticed by another one-eyed leader of the UK, Gordon Brown who asked the Queen to make him Baron West of Spithead and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for security at the Home Office. This time the man really did get to watch terrorists for a living. Perhaps he did come to the understanding that many of them were ‘Hashishims’. This idea that the Muslim sect of warriors were ineffectual weed smokers has been discredited. The National Geographic states, “Middle Eastern historian and expert on the Assassins, Bernard Lewis believes that Hashishi was a popular Syrian term of abuse used by the sects’ enemies to discredit them.”

Myths and reality

So, as Gordon Brown’s man watching our spies, Baron West believed the myths about 12th Century Muslim warriors, full of weed and willing to fight to the death while stoned off their tits. Is this why in his recent question to the government in the House of Lords about medicinal cannabis, he asked, “The majority of those who have been guilty of violent terrorist crimes in this country we have found to be heavy users of cannabis?”

The former naval hero who spent the bulk of his career getting pissed and feted for a stressful 48 hours in his youth admitted he knew little about cannabis, but clearly thinks that the next MS patient who takes Sativex is going to load their wheelchair up with explosives and pay a visit to Amber Rudd to talk about welfare reform.

I’m rather surprised that the esteemed Admiral reads the Daily Mail given his embarrassment by that sheaf of shit rags that nearly ended his career shortly after he returned from the war. Given the ill-informed comments he made in the House of Lords, it is clear he does.

Now, let’s see a few comments on the Russia Today website that resulted:

“I heard they all drink water. You know what? I think Hitler drank water as well!! Fucking water drinking terrorists!”

Jeff Ditchfield, from Bud Buddies said: “This ignoramus admits ‘I do not know the details’ yet then goes on to pass on his comments and opinions on Skunk and ‘the liquid stuff’. This man is an ex-First Sea Lord, it is hardly reassuring knowing that people like this are in charge of the UK’s armed forces.”

Richard Shrubb

Richard is a marijuana, water sports and electric vehicles writer based in Dorchester, Dorset. Living in Prince Charles model housing estate, Poundbury, he is an avowed republican, community and Labour Party activist. Visit his website at for more about what he does.

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