Pic of CBD and THC molecular structure with the caption CBD versus THC.

Pic of CBD and THC molecular structure with the caption CBD versus THC.

By Martin Black

What we find is that although cannabis oil is illegal as it contains the psychoactive THC, that industrial hemp and oil products made from hemp are not illegal, as their THC content is minute.

While a gram of cannabis sells for about an average of $10+ per gram in the States, US farmers are reporting yields from industrial hemp of $250 per tonne (about 900kg), and this is for the entire plant which includes the stalk, the leaves, the flowers and the seeds, and this is actually quite a good return as one can yield three tons per acre and many US farms are very large and so imagine this yield on 100 acres or 1,000 acres.

Currently in the UK, for example, you can buy a litre of relatively inexpensive hemp oil in a supermarket, from the hemp seed, but you can also buy it in much smaller quantities and for much higher prices from numerous shops and Internet sites or on eBay. Is there really any difference between these products?

A bottle of Holland & Barrett CBD oil.

CBD oil sold on the British High Streets by retailer Holland & Barrett at a whopping £29.95 per 10 ml.

There seem to be two essential products, and one is the oil which comes from pressed hemp seeds and then there are extractions and this can be done by ethanol, butane or CO2, though there are less efficient methods of doing this such as using olive oil. However, this extracts all the cannabinoids and so if one begins with a high THC cannabis strain one will end up with strong cannabis oil and if one begins with industrial hemp, one ends up a mostly a CBD oil. However, hemp contains very little THC and CBD to begin with.

There are also reports of unscrupulous cannabis oil scammers who have sold oil at €100 per gram which when tested contained no cannabinoids.

In the United States of America where medical cannabis is legal in most states, a medical strain might produce an oil which is, for example, 18% CBD and 6% THC and there are indeed many high CDB strains which exist.

These, however, are all cannabis strains and not industrial hemp. In order to conform to the laws in the UK for example, this kind of medical cannabis oil is just not legal and a legal hemp product has to be less than 0.2% THC and thus it is highly unlikely to be very high in CBD.

If you want to legally produce the good stuff, i.e., an oil with THC in it, then you can only do that if you are married to senior Conservative MPs such as the Prime Minister or her prohibitionist Drugs Minister. GW Pharmaceuticals and British Sugar can grow high THC strains of cannabis to make strong cannabis oil extracts with high THC content but the plebs could end up hauled before the courts if they dared to do the same.

It is a tragedy. It is honestly no more difficult to grow cannabis than it is to grow tomatoes and yet tomatoes are a few pounds a kilo and cannabis is £10K a kilo.

The ratio of plant to oil is usually about 10 times. Thus if you have 10 kilos of hemp then you should end up with one kilo of oil. Then you have to consider how much 10 kilos of hemp would cost if US farmers are selling it for $250 a ton, and a ton is 900 kilos, so that should be about 27 cents a kilo.

Cannabis and hemp are cousins and grow at the same rate. They cost exactly the same to grow, the cost of cannabis should be around 27 cents per kilo (for the entire plant, not just the flowers).

Sensimilla (i.e., seedless female flowers) will always cost more of course, as they need to be grown indoors and protected from pollen. However, traditionally in India, Morocco and other countries sensimilla is not grown and yet they can still produce a very strong hash of various different qualities, though the soap bar which can be found in the UK is usually the lowest quantity. In Amsterdam and India, there are many different grades of very strong hash.

Since CBD has no psychoactive effect, it seems to me the only people who would want to use it are those who want to do so for its medical benefits, and thus it seems to me that the CBD hemp industry pretty much exists purely to rip off the sick. This is a Shame.

I am not disputing that CBD has medical properties, merely that all legal CBD oil just seems to be hemp oil and that when tested it rarely ever has the CBD levels which it says on the label. Proper “medical” cannabis would have a full spectrum of cannabinoids including THC and CBD.

The website basically covers the doubts about the effectiveness of hemp oil; however merely by Googling “CBD scam” an abundance of articles appears.

St Theresa Mayhem is to privatise hell – a meme by Martin Black.

Martin Black lives in Somerset, London and at times on a farm in Wales. He is essentially semi-retired and spends his time writing on subjects such as transhumanism, the psychology of religion and the simulation hypothesis. He is the founder of luciferfilms.tv.

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