Adam Henson meets Chris Corby at British Sugar's cannabis farm.

Adam Henson meets Chris Corby at British Sugar's cannabis farm.

By Richard Shrub

The BBC was at its full lies and bullshit mode again with a government licensed weed grow this weekend. As we will see here, the British Bullshit Corporation was spinning a convenient yarn to support current government propaganda that only one cannabinoid has any medical use – CBD.

On BBC Countryfile this weekend the BBC excelled itself on bullshit and propaganda. On the Adam’s Farm segment, Cotswolds landowner Adam Henson looked at the British Sugar (BS) cannabis growing operation.

Adam Henson talks bollocks

We’ve all been there – too much weed of an evening and you start talking absolute shit. Let’s look at this as if Henson had a few lungfuls of prime skunk:

With the bhong full of smoke in his lungs but yet to kick in, there was a rational discussion of the reasoning behind British Sugar moving into weed production. In producing 1.2 million tonnes of sugar a year it produces excess heat and CO2 that can be re-used in a horticultural grow operation. Between 2000 and 2016 it produced tomatoes.

Arial photo of British Sugar's cannabis greenhouse in Norfolk.

An aerial view of British Sugar’s massive skunk farm.

The early stages of the haze hit Henson and the discussion went onto how BS moved into weed. He wasn’t lucid enough to discuss how BS client GW Pharmaceuticals didn’t go through a transparent licensing process or that Home Office Drugs Minister Victoria Atkins’s husband, a Director of BS, was closely linked to the move. Nor did her friendship with Drug Dealer in Chief, Theresa May come into it.

You could tell Henson was quite the worse for wear when he asked BS’s Chris Corby “What’s the difference between recreational cannabis and this?” Corby like a good dealer was lucid enough to talk absolute shit to Henson who was too far the worse for wear to know.

Corby said, “There’s a huge difference: recreational cannabis needs psychoactive plants and they have lots and lots of THC and this is what they’ve been developed for. Our plants have been designed for medical use to produce a high yielding CBD. They are cannabidiol rich plants.”

Now completely off his tits, Henson burbled sycophantically, “If you smoked this it wouldn’t give you a high?”

Corby: “I think you could smoke a whole line down there and wouldn’t have an effect at all”.

By this stage on a different planet, Henson then sucked up the propaganda that more research is needed to see what other things that cannabis derivatives can do.

OK, so Henson didn’t then ask for some cake and a nice warm spot to sleep it off. He was lucid – not stoned at all – yet sucking the propaganda as if it was the sweetest apple and cinnamon cake he’d ever tasted after a good blast on some Purple Haze.

The truth of the matter

The programme also touched on how Billy Caldwell needed cannabis as a medicine to tackle his epilepsy, but what the programme failed to mention was that Charlotte Caldwell has her own company selling “Billy’s Oil”. Caldwell’s product only contains CBD, people who have questioned her regarding her misleading statements have been banned from her Social Media networks. People have been banned for asking Caldwell to make clear that Billy’s Oil (which only contains CBD) is his effective treatment.

A website has been set up to question and seek clarification on her misleading statements. The site reports that it’s THC that keeps Billy seizure free and not the CBD only product that Charlotte Caldwell’s company is selling for up to £180. Some parents who don’t wish to be identified are angry because the product they bought is not what Billy was receiving.

Screenshot from Callie Blackwell's

Callie Blackwell on Facebook.

It is well known that the cannabis oil that the child needs requires a certain amount of THC in it to be most effective. In fact, nearly 200-years-ago, it was used by doctors to treat infantile epilepsy.

Different combinations of the compounds THC, CBD and dozens of other cannabinoids can do different things to the body.

There is no doubt at all that the chemical content of the cannabis Countryfile filmed being harvesting had a good quantity of THC in it.

What it seems here is that the BBC was actively complicit in propagating lies about cannabis. That ‘your weed is bad and our weed is good’.

As a keen cannabis industry observer myself, I can only believe that this bullshit was being sold to the public to try to dismiss the idea that the cannabis plant itself is safe to use but to rationalise the idea that a pill or spray containing exactly the same chemicals is somehow better. It IS “somehow better” for big pharmaceutical businesses that are making billions of pounds a year making pills. It is a sight worse than consuming the plant itself.

The BBC and me…

Many years ago I trained as a broadcast journalist and for me the top job would have been as a BBC journalist. It lost the plot in about 2010 and is a shadow of its former self. Whether attacks on Jeremy Corbyn or the extreme bias against left-wing thought generally, it lost its shine years ago. The Countryfile programme this weekend really just iced the cake. In talking BS with British Sugar the BBC really stood out as the British Bullshit Corporation.

Richard Shrubb

Richard is a marijuana, water sports and electric vehicles writer based in Dorchester, Dorset. Living in Prince Charles model housing estate, Poundbury, he is an avowed republican, community and Labour Party activist. Visit his website at for more about what he does.

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