Lisa Quarrell with her son who has a

Lisa Quarrell with her son who has a rare form of epilepsy that can be treated effecitvely with cannabis-derived medicines.

By Chris Bovey

Police in Scotland are investigating a Scottish mother who supplied a life-saving cannabis-based medicine to her son prescribed by expert paediatrician doctors in The Netherlands.

Former police officer, Lisa Quarrell, brought the medicine illegally into the country to treat six-year-old, Cole, who suffers from a rare form of epilepsy.

Ms Quarell tried to get doctors to prescribe the drug on the NHS in Scotland, since it is legal now in certain circumstances for doctors to write a prescription for the drug.

Now she fears child protection proceedings after being investigated by her former colleagues in the Scottish police.canncanna

It was in a BBC documentary where the former officer confesses to smuggling a legally prescribed cannabis-derived medicine in The Netherlands that contains THC, one of the psychoactive cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

Her child had not responded to brain surgery or a variety of anti-epileptic drugs. On a bad day, the six-year-old could suffer up to 16 seizures, which mainly happen during the night time.

The medication that was legally prescribed by doctors in The Netherlands and was illegally imported into Scotland by Cole’s mother, has proven to be a success with a significant improvement in his condition.

Can Cannabis save my child?

Lisa now faces the possibility of child protection proceedings after police visited her requesting access to her son’s medical records, follower her revelation on the BBC’s Disclosure; Can Cannabis Save My Child?

She said: “I’m now going to have education, social services, health, the Police all over my life. Social Services coming out and doing spot checks on my house to make sure I’m doing what needs to be done for my kids.

“And I don’t have anything to hide – but it’s not nice. Nobody wants to have all the agencies that deal in this all around your life.

“And it’s so far from where I thought I would be. I’ve hardly slept all weekend – it’s terrifying.”

Photo of Christine Jardine MP for Edinburgh West.

Lib Dem MP Christine Jardine condemns the government’s medical cannabis reforms.

Scottish Liberal Democrat MP for Edinburgh West Christine Jardine told Feed The Birds:

“It’s appalling that so many people suffering seizures or pain were offered the hope that came with the legalisation of medicinal cannabis only to find it snatched from them again by this government.

“Now parents are being forced to raise huge amounts of money, travel abroad and risk breaking the law because of unclear but rigid guidelines.

“I’ve written to Health Secretary Matt Hancock asking him to act to end the nonsense affecting children like my constituent Murray Gray. It shouldn’t be difficult.”

For years, successive governments have been spinning the lie that cannabis has no medical value, despite thousands of years of evidence to the contrary.

That changed slightly last year after several high profile cases involving sick children with life-threatening epilepsy conditions were denied the right to scientifically proven cannabis-based medicines that were significantly more effective than existing allopathic pharmaceutical drugs or surgery.

Cruel and botched

The changes to the law in the UK relating to medicinal cannabis were even described by Theresa May’s former Drugs Minister, Sir Mike Pennington as ‘cruel and botched’.

Virtually nobody has received cannabis-based medicines since the minor alterations to the law and those that have have only been able to do so with private prescriptions costing thousands of pounds.

The government themselves were even keen to cash on in this new so-called ‘Green Rush’ granting licenses to cultivate and supply cannabis to people with dodgy connections to the Conservative Party, including the Theresa May and her Drug Minister, Vicoria Atkins’ husbands.

Meanwhile, if the plebs dare to grow the same herbal cannabis-derived medicines that people married to very senior figures in the Conservative government grow tonnes of, they still face the possibility of being prosecuted and receiving 14 years in prison.

Chris Bovey, writer and musician.

Chris Bovey is a businessman, writer, artist, musician and practical joker. He lives in Devon with his partner, two children and cat. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter @ADHD_BadBoy.

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    My personal views is that it’s no different than a Parent giving there child pharmaceutical drugs.. Top 3 man made drugs are the worst killers ever. Tobacco Alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs but no-one bats an eyelid because the corrupt laws say they are legal…. Because of money and corruption……


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