EU Flag with crucifix.

EU Flag with crucifix.

By Chris Bovey

Brexit is less than two weeks away; a deal has not been passed by Parliament and even this most arrogant of governments admits it is in crisis.

The prospect of a ‘no deal’ Brexit would cause food & medical shortages, disruptions in the supply chain of British manufactured goods, cause havoc at our seaports and airports. People with a nearly expiring passport will not be able to use it, we’ll have to pay for a pre-approval to enter Europe, as well as lose our automatic right to live and work on the continent without visas or residency permits.

Brits will need to buy travel insurance, as we’ll lose our right to free healthcare, should we be unlucky enough to be hospitalised in Europe … and all for what?! To make our country poorer and have less influence in the world because enough people fell for a lie sold by the charlatans and cheats who ran the fraudulent Leave campaign.

Leave loonies do not want another referendum

Brexit is a massive clusterfuck, even your average dumb Brexit voter thinks May’s handling of the negotiations has been terrible, the nation is divided, although I should argue not as divided as the media would like to have us believe. Only just over a quarter of population voted for Brexit and since the Leave lies have been exposed, Remain has had a consistent comfortable lead in opinion polls, which is of course why the Leave loonies do not want another referendum, as they know they would not be able to get away with the lying and cheating again.

Arch Bishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, Brexit/

The Archbishop of Canterbury reckons a cup of tea and a chat with an imaginary being in the Sky will bring the country together and sort out the Brexit shambles.

So, with impending economic doom, food/ medical shortages, economic downturn and job losses en masse, all of our own making, the Church of England has stepped in to see what they can do to help; they’ve suggested we all get together for a nice cup of tea and a prayer to fix the Brexit fiasco.

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York, Justin Welby and John Sentamu, have today backed newly-commissioned resources to invite people to “get together and chat over a cup of tea and pray for our country and our future”.

As a rational atheist, a cuppa and asking an invisible sky punisher to help sort it all out is not going to cut the mustard. We already know that our batty PM, Mrs May, the vicar’s daughter, said that God and her faith are guiding her though her Brexit decisions. Given Theresa May couldn’t have handled the Brexit negotiations any worse if she tried, I should say this is a good indication religion should be kept out of politics.

Talking snakes, Brexit pink unicorns and Leave loonies

Brexit is bad enough without adding superstitious nonsense to the mixture, although, it’s good to know even senior clergymen who believe in talking snakes and dead men rising from the dead are not convinced of the pink unicorns on offer from the Leave loonies.

There are 26 unelected Bishops in the House of Lords who have a say on making the laws of this land. This talk about taking back control is nonsense when our House of Commons bears no relation as to how the country voted due to our unfair First Past The Post Voting System and the archaic House of Lords, which has admittedly been a voice of sanity on Brexit, isn’t even elected.

I never voted for them. Where’s my 26 rational atheists in the unelected House of Lords to represent those of us who don’t believe in superstitious mumbo jumbo? I don’t think a cup of tea with the morons who still think Brexit is a good idea will sort out anything unless one cup is from arsenic and old lace.

Chris Bovey, writer and musician.

Chris Bovey is a businessman, writer, artist, musician and practical joker. He lives in Devon with his partner, two children and cat. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter @ADHD_BadBoy.

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