Pic of cannabis medicine to treat child with epilepsy.

Pic of cannabis medicine to treat child with epilepsy.

By Chris Bovey

A medical cannabis prescription costing parents £1,000 a month is believed to be one of the first prescribed to a child to treat epilepsy in the UK following the government’s recent botched changes in the law on medical cannabis.

Looking at some MSM reports, the less-informed could well be fooled into thinking medical cannabis is now legal in the UK. That’s not really the case. It is highly restricted and only really available for people with the cash. In any case, Sativex, a skunk cannabis-derived medicine made by GW Pharmaceuticals, which the Prime Minister’s husband has a 22% share in has been available on prescription in Britain for years, but most NHS areas will not pay for it and many patients can only obtain it on private prescription at great cost.

Earlier this week we reported how Carley Barton was believed to have been one of the first people to be legally prescribed medical cannabis since the law change last month, however, it was a private prescription costing £2,500 for three months that she could ill afford and if not renewed by the NHS, Ms Barton said she would have to go back to sourcing cannabis illegally on the black market.

Photo of Jora Emerson who needs cannabis medicine to treat epilepsy.

Jorja Emerson’s life-saving cannabis prescription to treat daily seizures will cost her parents’ £3,000, even though it costs very little to make.

This week Jorja Emerson was believed to be one of the first children to be prescribed a medical cannabis prescription, but not for free, again a private prescription, this time costing a whopping £3,000.

As well as paying a grand a month, the parents will have to fly from Belfast to London to collect the prescription.

Jorja was born with a rare chromosome disorder that causes developmental delay.

Although initially not life-threatening, it triggered epilepsy when she was ten months old and now every seizure is potentially deadly. Doctors in Northern Ireland, where she lives, labelled the little girl as ‘terminal’.

Jora’s father persuaded a neurologist at the private Portland Hospital in London to prescribe the cannabis-based medicine.

Having tried every drug going, but not working. Mr Emerson is now paying £3,000 for a three-month supply and will have to fly to London for every repeat prescription.

The Emerson family has previously consulted doctors in Australia and the US who recommended cannabis oil.

He said: “It’s a lot of money, but it’s a choice between my daughter staying alive and dying.

“It will take a while to kick in, but after a few days we will hopefully see a drop in the seizures, and then we will gradually wean her off the other medication.

“I’m hoping that in about six weeks, she will be off all the other medication and not be having seizures.”

£1,000 a month is of course ridiculously overpriced, but you were never going to get the Conservatives to allow any form of legal medical cannabis without letting Big Pharma or Theresa May’s evil husband put a big price tag on it.  The NHS will not fund it in many areas, furthermore creating a two-tier health system where only those who can afford will get their medication legally. The rest will either have to stick with less effective drugs with more unpleasant side-effects or risk prosecution by sourcing cannabis on the black market or growing their own.

What was that about the Conservatives legalising medical cannabis? I call bullshit (again)!

Chris Bovey, writer and musician.

Chris Bovey is a businessman, writer, artist, musician and practical joker. He lives in Devon with his partner, two children and cat. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter @_dr_dremp.

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