A depiction of lying British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, with a long nose

A depiction of lying British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, with a long nose

By Chris Bovey

The head of Channel 4 News has branded Prime Minister Boris Johnson a liar and defended the right of journalists to call out politicians for telling lies.

Photo of Dorothy Byrne, head of Channel 4 News in the UK.

Channel 4 News Boss, Dorothy Byrne, says it is right for broadcasters to call out politicians who lie.

In the UK, the press can be biased towards any political party. Murdoch’s rag, the Sun, has never backed the wrong horse to become Prime Minister, as it tells stupid people how to vote.

Broadcast media is different, by law, it is supposed to be impartial, even though it often isn’t, in particular, the BBC which is repeatedly biased towards the Tory Party.

During a speech at the Edinburgh Fringe, Channel 4 News head, Dorothy Byrne, claimed that Boris Johnson is a “known liar” who could not be trusted and added that: “Boris Johnson has been proclaimed by Downing Street as the first social media PM.”

The Tories are not happy about this. They’re seldom happy, despite the fact they’re fraudulently in power by cheating in elections and have an unelected Prime Minister who is going to take us out of the EU with ‘no deal’ against the country’s wishes, so his super-rich funders can make more money they don’t need by betting against the UK economy.

The reason the Conservatives are not happy about Dorothy Byrne’s comments is nothing to do with impartiality. They are fuming because she speaks the truth and they don’t want the public to know BoJo is a serial liar.

How anybody with half a brain could consider it controversial to state that BoJo is a confirmed liar after he stood repeatedly in front of that fucking bus making the false claim that we send the EU £350 million a week is beyond me?

This is his most famous lie, but truth is, the mendacious slug has made a career out of lying, one that has seen him elevated to the top of British politics, albeit without actually being elected by the UK electorate.

Career liar

BoJo’s career as a pathological liar started in decades ago.

In 1991, BoJo was behind the lie that the EU wanted to introduce regulations for the sizing of condoms, leading to a one-size-fits-all “euro condom”. He was also behind the infamous bent banana lie that was widely reported in the British press, falsely claiming “curved bananas have been banned by Brussels bureaucrats”. – All nonsense of course.

Cartoon pic of a condom saying: "if you really love her wear a cover".

Rather than bitch about non-existent EU regulations about forcing one size of condom he should have tied a knot in one to get it to fit. Maybe then no abortion or fatherless kids being bastards like Daddy?

Lying about the EU isn’t BoJo’s only forte in the art of misrepresenting the truth.

After his elitist education at Eton, BoJo found a career in journalism, where he quickly made a reputation as the perpetrator of many of the EU myths that found their way into the British press that have been stoking the misinformation and xenophobia that ultimately led to the Brexit vote.

Former Conservative government minister, Lord Patten, described him: “one of the greatest exponents of fake journalism” and this was long before the term “fake news” became a thing.

He was sacked from his first job as a journalist with The London Times for fabricating a quote about Edward II’s catamite lover, Piers Gaveston, that he attributed it to his godfather, the Oxford historian Colin Lucas.

Ex-Tory leader, Michael Howard, who even Ann Widdecombe described as having something about the night about him, fired Johnson from his Shadow Cabinet for lying about cheating on his wife.

He lied about Turkey joining the EU. He’s lied about his income to Parliament’s Standards Commissioner. He’s even lied about the number of kids he’s had as a result of extramarital affairs, one which resulted in an abortion.

He lied about non-existent EU regulations about plastic packaging of kippers and the fucking muppet didn’t even realise the Isle of Man was not a part of the UK. So much for that expensive Etonian education.

When he’s not lying he’s prevaricating, such as refusing to give a straight answer when asked about his former cocaine usage.

Gaffes and wasting public money

As well as lying, Johnson has a proven record of gaffes, wasting public money, racism and insulting people.

During his disastrous tenure as London Mayor, the taxpayer forked out £43 million for his vanity Garden Bridge project that never even got off the ground. He wasted £322,000 on second-hand illegal water cannons intended for crowd control. They were ultimately sold for scrap at the grand sum of £11,025.

He purchased expensive buses at £325,000, designed by Thomas Heatherwick, the same studio behind the doomed Garden Bridge project. These were twice as expensive as conventional double-decker buses and were branded ‘saunas on wheels’. His successor, Sadiq Khan cancelled new orders.

Racism, bigotry and ‘tank-topped bum boys’

Our new Prime Minister is on the record as calling gay people ‘tank-topped bum boys’. He once recited a Colonial poem in a sacred Buddhist temple in Myanmar, making the British Ambassador cringe with embarrassment while whispering to him “probably not a good idea”. He described black people as ‘piccaninnies’ with ‘watermelon smiles’ in 2002.

Other diplomatic gaffes during his equally disastrous stint as Foreign Secretary include ensuring British Citizen, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, is to spend five more years in an Iranian prison after incorrectly telling MPs she was held in Iran on spying charges for “teaching people journalism” when she was in fact on holiday.

More recently, he refused to stand up for Britain’s Ambassador to the US following leaked memos about the White House, ultimately leading to Sir Kim Darroch to quit his job.

Even more recently he told a blatant lie that the chances of a ‘no deal’ Brexit where a million to one, even though he knew explicitly the EU would not renegotiate a new deal that was more in the UK’s favour.

Today the prat has been galivanting around Europe breathing in the same breath the lie that a solution to the Brexit could be found while ruling out the Irish Backstop, which the EU have said is ‘non-negotiable’.

It’s clear his strategy is to crash us out on the EU and then try to blame it all on them.

Nasty and callous

Ex-colleagues have stated that behind Johnson’s public persona of a posh likeable buffoon, he is in fact a nasty, callous, manipulating, lying bastard who flies into fits of rage if he doesn’t get his own way.

He can give, although he cannot take. Senior EU Irish diplomat, Phil Hogan, just said of Johnson, who sees himself as a modern-day Churchill: “However, in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the UK government’s only Churchillian legacy will be: never have so few done so much damage to so many.”

Johnson went berserk about this according to the Tory-supporting Daily Express newspaper, which regularly publishes BoJo’s lies on his behalf.

It goes without saying that broadcast media should be impartial. They are supposed to give approximately equal coverage to political parties, reflecting the make up of Parliament, although that doesn’t stop the BBC giving disproportionate coverage to Nigel Farage, even though he’s stood to be an MP seven times, yet never won. Not to mention his Brexit Party and its predecessor UKIP doesn’t have a single MP in the House of Commons.

To ignore BoJo’s incessant Porky Pies would be a betrayal of public service broadcasting and Dorothy Byrne is absolutely within her right to point out BoJo’s proven track record of dishonesty.

Remember, BoJo is a confirmed liar, and all those sycophantic clowns with whom he surrounds himself will simply parrot his memes. He is lying about the EU being unwilling to negotiate and he is trying to spin these lies to make himself look good, whereas he has just locked himself in with his red lines exactly like Theresa ‘No Mates’ did. Whatever happened to her, I wonder?

Chris Bovey, writer and musician.

Chris Bovey is a businessman, writer, artist, musician and practical joker. He lives in Devon with his partner, two children and cat. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter @ADHD_BadBoy.

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