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By Feed the Birds reporter

Any sensible person has to admit that the ‘War on Drugs’ is, in reality, a war on people and as any student of history knows, the first victim in any war is the “truth”.  I feel I have to address this week’s Sunday Mail Article.

During a recent visit to Chester, Jannette JJ Clements, Deryn Blackwell and I had the privilege to meet up with some very dedicated individuals.

To all of you who came to visit us yesterday, I am in awe at your dedication and commitment, you are very loving and caring parents and I am appalled what you have had to endure.

Geraldine Woodman, I am sorry we couldn’t answer all your very valid questions yesterday but perhaps supporters of Bud Buddies UK and other genuine committed Activists can seek out answers on your behalf?

It was upsetting (but not surprising) to hear that yourself and other parents have found yourselves banned and blocked on social media by some of the UK cannabis campaign organisations merely for asking questions.

It is indeed alarming that the Canadian company Tilray has direct access to the current bunch of Tory Government Ministers and that campaign groups ‘approved’ by Tilray are being wheeled out to support Tilray’s Corporate agenda.

I’m afraid I do not know a great deal about ex-Tory Government advisor Steve Moore and his employer at Voltface Paul Birch and their links to Tilray and others.

However, regarding Moore, it may be worthwhile contacting Toby Blume via his WordPress blog, Toby reported in his 2014 blog post on David Cameron’s failed Big Society idea,

“There is plenty in the piece about why David Cameron, his Ministers and advisors and most of all Steve Moore, are not responsible for how £3m of public money was awarded and then frittered away.”

Photo Steve Moore from David Cameron's failed Big Society project/

Steve Moore who has dodgy links to the Tories.

Steve Moore was appointed as CEO of David Cameron’s “Big Society” idea which was a spectacular failure ‘losing’ £3,000,000 so I can’t see anyone employing Moore for his organisational and business abilities but perhaps someone would employ him for his Tory Government contacts?

Gaining access to Tory Government Ministers would indeed be a good first step but then how could you market and sell your weak Canadian cannabinoid preparations here in the UK?

I have noticed that there has been a subtle change in the propaganda released by the Home Office. For over 40 years the Government referred to cannabis as a dangerous drug, a ‘drug with no medicinal value’ but a couple of years ago the Home Office started to refer to two types of cannabis, medical grade and ‘raw cannabis’. So why the change?

Conflict of interest?

Is it a coincidence that the change seems to have started with Theresa May MP? As an ex-Home Secretary at the Home Office and now currently, Prime Minister, Mrs May is very well versed in UK drug laws. However, she is married to Philip May, who is a mayor investor in GW Pharma, is that a ‘conflict of interest’?

The references to ‘dangerous, raw, street cannabis’ seem to have intensified with the appointment last year of Victoria Aitken’s as Drugs Minister at the Home Office. Aitken’s husband is the present CEO of British Sugar who are currently cultivating cannabis in Norfolk on behalf of GW Pharma, is that a conflict of interest?

It seems to me that the Prime Minister and the Drug’s Minister’s multi-millionaire spouses are benefiting from the continued prohibition of cannabis.

Conspiracy theories? Or conspiracy facts?

An independent Journalist I am acquainted with has a very interesting story about Journalists being offered ‘cash bonuses’ to write ‘positive’ news articles about Tilray and scare stories about ‘raw cannabis’, What is going on?

Who is Tilray? All the information you require to arrive at your own conclusion is out there.

There are so many unanswered questions, who are the investors in Privateer Holdings? (A secretive investment group registered in the offshore tax haven of British Colombia)?

Is multi-millionaire Paul Birch really the ‘philanthropist’ he claims to be?  Well having met Birch I personally doubt it. I also agree that Birch’s links and his involvement with Families 4 Access, Tendo, EndOurPain, Forma Holdings and his funding and his influence of some ‘UK Activist groups’ raises many more questions.

It would indeed be a major challenge for a secretive offshore company in the tax haven of British Colombia like Privateer Holdings to gain the support of the UK public. How could something like that possibly happen?

What do Forma Holdings, Tendo Consulting and the endourpain campaign have in common with Coronation Street? How did these organisations get to write positive medical cannabis stories into the UK’s most popular TV soap? Perhaps Tom Lloyd can answer that one for you?

Are some leaders of UK Activists groups really being funded by Tilray? I do not know? Nor do I know how a person can go in a relatively short time from being homeless and couch surfing to having their own apartment. I have no idea how you can afford to holiday in Thailand and marry a Thai bride?

Eddie Woodman with Jeff Ditchfield

What does Eddie think about Epidiolex?


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