Medical cannabis user, David Burns, taken to court for using cannabis oil to alleviate pain.

Medical cannabis user, David Burns, taken to court for using cannabis oil to alleviate pain.

By Richard Shrubb

The media is full of shit about ‘medical cannabis being legalised’ in the UK. If it was then people like 30-year-old David Burns wouldn’t be put in front of magistrates and punished.

Only the Chief Drug Dealer Theresa May’s skunk extracts are any good according to the law even though millions of people have benefitted from much better preparations such as the cannabis oil that Burns was busted with.

‘Hardened criminal’ busted

Burns was raided and busted by Gateshead police who entered his home with a warrant, and on asking him where his stash of cannabis oil capsules was, found it in his fridge where he told them it was.

This ‘hardened criminal’, who’s even been thrown in jail in the past for using medical cannabis, despite his painful health conditions that include a muscle wasting disease and a curved spine, then pleaded guilty to the courts. Man, those police got a hard bastard there didn’t they?!

Talking sense about cannabis

Canadian recreational and medical cannabis information website Lift & Co shows five of the most popular cannabis strains for arthritis here. These have been voted by Canadian arthritis sufferers who have used them to medicate their own conditions. Cannabis plants and oils contain a range of different substances that are known to have different medical effects on your body – these are phytocannabinoids and terpenes. These are probably what made Burns’ medicine so effective.

In the UK the only licensed cannabis related pain medicine is GW Pharmaceuticals Sativex. This contains a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD. Even the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE) states that it can only help around 10% of those it is licensed to treat. Why? Sativex only contains two phytocannabinoids and none of the terpenes shown to help people with medical problems.

Led Zeppelin album cover

We love Led Zeppelin, but they probably wouldn’t sound so great without Jimmy Page or Robert Plant.

Imagine your favourite Led Zeppelin track. You have Bonzo beating shit out of the drums, two amazing guitarists and a vocal with the occasional mouth organ spicing things up so you hear the best rock music ever produced. What Sativex does is take away Bonzo and the lead guitar so all you’re listening to is the vocals and bass guitar. Both are off the scale in individual quality but you wouldn’t immediately understand Gallows Pole or Stairway to Heaven from it. Medical strains of cannabis are like a live rendition of Led Zeppelin, blowing the audience’s eardrums out with their musical magic.

In our tight arsed medical cannabis regime we only allow pharmaceutical preparations of cannabis medicines. These have been used to torture rats, monkeys and dogs before being tested on people in clinical trials costing £1 billion a pop. OK, so this cannabinoid is safe because the only way to kill a monkey with it is to fill its stomach with it until the stomach ruptures.

Millions of anecdotal cases

While our corrupt Tory government sits behind the safety defence to protect its own grows from competition, millions of people in the USA, Canada and India have long benefitted from different strains of medical cannabis and cannabis oils. They haven’t stuffed monkeys’ guts with them until the monkeys die, but have proven the overall safety through human trials and self-reported health benefits. If a million people with Burns condition didn’t end up psychotic and shooting people thanks to the ‘psychotic effects’ that our government claims to be concerned about then there is a lot off evidence that their cannabinoid use has been more therapeutic than negative.

Punished for taking a better medicine?

From what we have discussed here you can see that Burns has been repeatedly punished for taking a better medicine than GW Pharmaceuticals could ever produce. Once more to warn others the stupid magistrates then fined him and had his medicine destroyed.

He would have almost certainly been pressurised into entering a guilty plea at the Magistrates, had he insisted in taking it to Crown Court, quite likely the CPS would have dropped the charges.

It really is time that the authorities woke up to the fact that cannabis is a known medical herb thanks to multiple molecules that work in concert to help people. It really is time to wake up and smell the weed.

Richard Shrubb

Richard is a marijuana, water sports and electric vehicles writer based in Dorchester, Dorset. Living in Prince Charles model housing estate, Poundbury, he is an avowed republican, community and Labour Party activist. Visit his website at for more about what he does.

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