Barton Moss fracking protest and sign saying "Fracking will poison our land, air & water.

By Trev Coleman

Three environmental activists received jail sentences from Judge Robert Altham for a peaceful anti-fracking protest this week in Lancashire.

Simon Roscoe Blevins, 26, and Richard Roberts, 36, were given 16 months in prison and Richard Loizou, 31, got 15 months on Wednesday after being convicted of causing a public nuisance by a jury at Preston crown court in August. Another defendant, Julian Brock, 47, was given a 12-month suspended sentence after pleading guilty to the same offence.

Photo of Judge Robert Altham

Judge Robert Altham gives lenient sentences to perverts, yet sends to prison people who are trying to protect our environment.

They were given their sentences by a judge who had handed down a suspended sentence to someone with thousands of animal and child abuse images in his possession. Priorities? Or just making sure the bottom lines of his VIP paedophile gaffers in Westmonster are well looked after while setting a precedent of handing out lenient sentences for deviants? Coincidentally, Judge Robert Altham’s family business services offshore rigs. Would that make his sitting in judgement over these men a conflict of interest as an oil and gas investor?

Judge Robert Altham is continuing the family tradition of being a complete bastard to the local community. 400-years-ago, his ancestor, Judge Altham, hanged ten people for witchcraft in the infamous Pendle witchcraft trails, where the defendants were not allowed a defence Counsel or witnesses.

Drawing of the Pendle witches being hanged

The Pendle Witches who were hanged in 1612 by Judge Robert Altham’s ancestor judge over 400 years ago in 1612.

The four men were charged after taking part in a four-day direct action protest that blocked a convoy of trucks carrying drilling equipment from entering the Preston New Road fracking site near Blackpool. Something that should never have been taking place to start with had democracy been upheld when residents voted against it, but that Sajid Javid ignored them like the good little Tory fascist he is.

You have to wonder why residents are still paying their council taxes when the local constabulary, councils and MP’s are enforcing this environmentally destructive industry against their will. You also have to wonder what the cops are playing at, asset stripping their communities of their council taxes to do so, when this is against all common sense seeing as fracking is a cash flow negative industry, (meaning more money goes in than comes out, which is usual for a ponzi scam), and an environmental disaster waiting to happen. Just watch Gasland.

Air pollution lowers IQ. How will we be able to tell the difference when they’re stood about all day breathing in methane emissions? They’re obviously not that bright anyway to be doing so for a pay cut on behalf of people who have decimated their mates’ jobs.

This is yet another example of corrupted Tory thinking as they burn through assets they know are being devalued by fossil fuel divestment as quickly as possible as it’ll hit their offshore accounts bottom lines. So they’ll invest with government workers pension contributions instead of their own to make sure they socialise any losses they make. If you work for a council, that £,3500 you’ve already lost on your pension thanks to divestment, is likely going to get a lot worse. Seeing as life expectancy has stalled and fracking has been linked with a number of early deaths, I guess that’s not a major concern.

Fracking at Preston New Road is also another example of wasteful spending by the Tories. Preston New Road is 35 miles from Manchester’s Graphene Institute that George Osbourne ploughed £200 million in to, that was supposed to build the northern powerhouse, the brainstorming idea from former Tory now Lord O’Neill of Gately. Instead, the Tories spent £40k to hide how many times the northern powerhouse minister, James Wharton, had actually travelled north.

Barton Moss, another fracking site is only 10 miles away and Manchester has a pretty grim issue with homeless, jobless Spice users littering their streets at present.

With a one-shot solution of legalising weed, you’ve solved a massive part of your Spice issue as they’ll be able to get proper cannabis instead. Liverpool is a net exporter nowadays and just down the road. With such high demand for a global growth industry, there are going to be tens of thousands of jobs to help the homeless get off the streets across multiple sectors of industries and disciplines. As a bonus, all of the waste from the various dispensaries and coffee shops that would crop up, i.e., sticks and stems, could be handed over to the Graphene Institute to start producing graphene at a fraction of the cost that it is from fossil fuels, seeing as its going to be the future of all of our energy production, energy storage needs.

With a constant supply of sticks and stems, the Graphene Institute may not have needed that £200 million investment so that all they could produce is light bulbs. If Georgie boy had kept his eyes on his numbers rather than his lines, it may have worked out better for the taxpayer.

No fracking way.

Nobody wants fracking

Fracking is an industry with zero public support but cannabis, recreational and medicinal, are industries that have massive public support. Yet industrial seems a long way off despite 300 acres of it being grown by East Yorkshire Hemp who were recently featured on Countryfile not so long ago, which is only 44 miles from Kirby Misperton’s KM8 fracking site.

Fire and flavours are what we all love, but there are far bigger pictures to cannabis than that. If farmers can be producing anywhere from 300 to 30,000 gallons of seed oil per acre, depending on the strain and 21 tons of graphene from a £750,000 to £20 million per hectare crop, why would any of them accept £50k p/a to have a fracking rig on their land?

The cannabis community has alternatives for the anti-fracking community that would gain them far greater support than annoying their neighbours by blocking roads, however necessary that is. All of whom should rightfully have places as the base foundations to Jeremy Corbyn’s pledge to create 400,000 new green jobs.

We’re waiting patiently

Well, some are. I’m an impatient git so hurry the fuck up and get behind legalising weed so we can show you all what this plant, this highly versatile multipurpose material resource, is truly capable of!! And as an added bonus, rebuilding Britain on foundations of cannabis would be the ultimate two finger salute to the Tories as we wave goodbye to them in November.

Bring on the GREEN revolution!! Let the green coal rush begin!!

Photo of Judge Robert Altham, UK

Judge Robert Altham aka a cunt.

Trev Coleman

Trev Coleman is an environmental activist who specialises in the benefits of the cannabis/ hemp plant that could help save the environment, create jobs, boost the economy and benefit the NHS.

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