YouTube shuts down cannabis channel Stoned Alone

By Chris Bovey

Since its inception, YouTube has been a popular social media source for cannabis information, with some weed related channels having hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Nobody is really sure what YouTube is actually doing, they’ve never had a problem with cannabis in the past and marijuana-related content has generally stayed up.

We have witnessed the channel of well-known horticulturalist, Jorge Cervantes, closed down. Cervantes tweeted about this in a YouTube video, which was subsequently removed.


Additionally, popular channels like GroovyMac and Stoned Alone, all of which had a huge following, have been shut down.

The move comes at a time when cannabis is gaining much wider social acceptance and is about to be legalised in Canada, as well as already being legal in Uruguay and nine states of the USA, plus Washington D.C. Not to mention much of the world where medical cannabis is legal.

Not all cannabis-related content has been removed, however, daily we are hearing of well-established YouTube channels containing content about cannabis being removed.

Yet, you can easily obtain from YouTube search results videos teaching you how to make a bomb, as well as Dutch folk music and Taylor Swift videos.

YouTube also didn’t have a problem with far-right Scottish Youtuber, Mark Meechan, who blogs under the name Count Dankula, posting an anti-Semitic video of a dog doing a Nazi salute, while Meechan said “sieg heil” as well as “gas the Jews” thirty times. This was viewed over three million times, yet YouTube let it stay up, it took the Scottish Courts to get YouTube to remove this video. The technology giant only took it down after Meechan was found guilty of breaching the Communications Act over the video and was subsequently fined £800.

Alex Jones, the crazy US conspiracy theorist, who makes millions from spreading nonsense to the gullible, such as chemtrails, and anti-vaccine pseudoscience is also allowed to use YouTube with impunity. Jones is currently being sued for defamation by the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting for claiming on his YouTube channel, which has 2.3 million subscribers, that the parents of the children shot dead were in fact crisis actors and the whole things was staged by the US government in order to bring in tougher gun laws.

The Cannabis News Network is another victim of the YouTube cannabis purge, a channel that provided information for patients about medicinal marijuana.

British activist, Clark French, told Feed The Birds “YouTube seems to be deleting content connected to cannabis, unfortunately, the Cannabis News Network has been deleted. Years of hard work gone with no explanation for myself and the rest of the Cannabis News Network team.”

Some channels have opened up again on YouTube, but they will have lost their subscriber base and run the risk of having the channel shut down again by the video streaming giant which is owned by Google.

GroovyMac2 has already resurfaced with to date over 31,000 subscribers. However, many “Weedtubers” are moving over as fast as possible to Vimeo.

Feed the Birds as of yet doesn’t have a video streaming platform, we plan to make one in the near future and we shall certainly not be using YouTube.

Chris Bovey, writer and musician.

Chris Bovey is a businessman, writer, artist, musician and practical joker. He lives in Devon with his partner, two children and cat. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter @_dr_dremp.

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