Hemp plant in the wild.

The ‘Bird Nesting Season’ is officially from February until August (source: Natural England) and birds love hemp seeds.

Birds foraging for seeds

Birds foraging for seeds, the hemp seed is the healthiest known seed in the animal kingdom.

WARNING: If a park busybody or an official asks what you are doing then please engage with them (politely) and tell them that you are merely feeding the birds, which is perfectly legal.

Some of the lower IQ busybodies have a problem with rational thought so always be polite and talk to them as you would a small child.

No officer, I am not scattering seeds with the intention of growing a cannabis plant as that would be an act of cultivation which is illegal.

Yes, officer, I can see how to a person of low intelligence it could be seen as an act of cultivation, however, I have clearly stated that my intention is to feed the birds.

Some of our hard-core ornithologists place their seeds just under the surface of the soil as it encourages birds to forage & search.

Sometimes when we feed birds, this happens, as they miss the seed, but don’t worry, the nice people at the Home Office confirmed to us that no laws are broken provided cannabis or hemp is not cultivated by the hand of man, which is good, because we would never want to incite people to break the law, as our politicians know best.

Be smart, be safe and Feed the Birds.

Cannabis growing in Newport, Wales.

Bird feeding went wrong in Newport, Wales.

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