People clearing up after Green Pride 2017.

By Chris Bovey

GREEN PRIDE – the annual cannabis protestival held in Brighton is preparing for its fifth and biggest event since its inception.

Last year, the event attracted over 3,500 people openly breaking the law by consuming cannabis in public, as a peaceful protest against the country’s archaic and unjust cannabis laws, as well as 25 vendors.

This year organisers are expecting an even bigger turnout with already more than double the number of vendors signed up.

Organisers claim Green Pride is setting the stage for the promotion of an already thriving grassroots cannabis community in the UK. Originally inspired by the Seattle Hemp Fest in Washington State, USA, where recreational cannabis is already legal and the Vancouver 420 in Canada where they have just passed legislation to legalise the sale of cannabis to adults.

The Seattle Hemp Fest is currently in its 27th year of cannabis activism, and with thousands of people and over four stages it has become the world’s largest annual event advocating cannabis reform. Vancouver 420 also started out as a small protestival, but has grown to host way over ten-thousand people with live music, public speakers and cannabis vendors.

Brighton’s Green Pride event, the largest cannabis protest in the UK after the London Hyde Park 4/20 smokeout, hopes to inspire and follow in the footsteps of North America where the end of cannabis prohibition is becoming a reality.

Organiser, Rob Davidson, Chairman of the Brighton Cannabis Club that organises the event told Feed The Birds: “In the first year it was a small event which attracted a few hundred people and every year it has grown bigger.

“We had no idea if it was just going to be a few of us sitting in Preston Park, smoking a joint and listening to some tunes. We also had no way to know if the police were waiting around the corner.

“The event has grown every year, People from a diverse range of backgrounds have been turning up from all over the country, with the support of several stores and campaigning organisations such as NORML UK and the UKCSC, as well as Feed The Birds.

“We believe that there is no legitimate justification for the prohibition of cannabis. Access to cannabis is a human right and no adult should be prevented from making an informed choice regarding consumption of this wonderful plant.

“Over the years, as cannabis has become decriminalised or legalised in many places throughout the world, the focus has shifted to cannabis education, understanding current laws and potential reforms. We hope that Green Pride can also make a difference in the UK and help to open up the debate around ending cannabis prohibition.

“The event is expected to be our biggest yet, so please, come along and ensure this incredible growth continues and become part of the future of cannabis legislation.”

The event is sponsored this year by businesses associated with the legal cannabis industry, such as CBD Brothers, Quintessential and Seedsman.

Green Pride will also have the presence of Bud Buddies, a non-profit organisation, founded by Jeff Ditchfield in 2002 that delivers medicinal cannabis in the form of cannabinoid oils, free of charge, to seriously ill people around the UK. Jeff also started the UK’s first cannabis private members club.

Jeff Ditchfield said: “It will be good to support real grassroots activism in the UK that is seeking to bring about real change.”

Rob Davidson, Jeff Ditchfield and Jannette Clements in Brighton.

Brighton Cannabis Club Chairman, Rob Davidson, with Bud Buddies’ Jeff Ditchfield and Jannette Clements.

Our own Feed The Birds will also have a presence along with THTC who exclusively produce our hemp Feed The Birds t-shirts.

If you would like more information or to become involved then please get in touch by e-mail to There is always a need for volunteers to help organise the UK’s fastest-growing marijuana protest. They need as many volunteers as we can gather to help with setup and coordination, security and first-aid, rubbish collection and other essential roles.

The event is to take place on 21st July from 1 pm to 7 pm at Preston Park in Brighton. Let’s hope the lovely weather continues, England win the World Cup and the British government falls.

Green Pride Brighton promo

Chris Bovey, writer and musician.

Chris Bovey is a businessman, writer, artist, musician and practical joker. He lives in Devon with his partner, two children and cat. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter @_dr_dremp.

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