Cannabis plants in London

Feed the Birds is an initiative started in 2014 on Facebook to raise awareness of the hemp seed, the world’s most beneficial seed and plant. 

We promote the feeding of birds with the nutritious hemp seed by spreading throughout the countryside or in parks or flowerpots in town centres.

Sometimes our bird feeding efforts go wrong and the seed isn’t eaten and nature then matures it into a jolly green giant of a cannabis or hemp plant, as reported in the Western Morning News and also on national SkyNews (see clip below) when some hemp plants were discovered growing in the Devonshire market town of Tiverton.  This is, of course, not our intention, we want the birds to be fed, however the UK Home Office confirmed it was not illegal to feed birds with hemp or cannabis seeds and if the seed then germinated no laws will have been broken, provided the plant had not been cultivated by the hand of man.

Until now, Feed The Birds has primarily been a Facebook page, with a small group of volunteers. We are a pro-legalisation of cannabis group for both recreational and medicinal usage. We campaign for the right to legally grow your own medicine or for adults to buy cannabis in licensed premises, similar to the way alcohol is regulated.

On the odd occasion when our bird-feeding efforts have gone wrong, hemp or cannabis plants have been photographed in the UK’s towns and cities, as reported in Buzzfeed.

Cannabis plants in London

Bird feeding efforts in London went wrong resulting in the growth of these plants.

As well as bird feeding, FTB, is a political left-leaning, pro-EU page, so we share articles we find interesting, especially those concerning the environment or combatting poverty.

We encourage our fans to get involved with the campaign to legalise cannabis and to get involved with their local Cannabis Social Club.

The idea of spreading hemp seeds is not a new one. Free Rob Cannabis (yes he changed his name by Deed Poll) who runs the Hemp in Avalon shop in Glastonbury spread hemp seeds throughout his town many years ago, with plants popping up everywhere after the birds missed some of the seeds.

Feed The Birds founder, Chris Bovey, who also founded NORML UK, the British branch of the world’s oldest cannabis law reform campaign group said: “The concept of spreading hemp seeds for bird feeding purposes is not a new one and of course while we campaign to change the law, we always like to operate within the law. It’s not our fault if the birds miss the seeds and nature does it course.

“We exist to challenge hempophobia and to spread knowledge about this wonderful plant that can be used as a medicine, concrete, biodegradable plastic, paper, fuel, fabrics, clothing and yes an enjoyable recreational substance that is scientifically proven to be safer than legal alcohol or tobacco.

“We hope this new website will raise yet more awareness about our campaign and it will become a useful resource for people looking to discover more about cannabis or hemp.”

To keep up-to-date with the Feed The Birds campaign make sure you like their Facebook page for all the latest news and updates. You can also see your Instagram pictures on our front page with the hashtag #feedthebirds.

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