Green Pride Brighton cannabis protest with Brighton Cannabis Club, Feed The Birds and NORML UK.

Green Pride Brighton cannabis protest with Brighton Cannabis Club, Feed The Birds and NORML UK.

By Chris Bovey

Preparations are underway for the annual Green Pride Protestival, one of the UK’s largest cannabis protests and is organised by Brighton Cannabis Club.  

It will take place on July 20th 2019 and organisers are hoping the weather remains good and to attract even more than the 5,000 people who came to the even last year, not just from Brighton, but throughout the UK.

It will take place in Preston Park, one of Brighton’s most prestigious parks. The event has also been featured on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show and the club has also been featured in the BBC Newsbeat Documentary ‘Cannabis, time for a change’.

The event first started in 2014 with only 100 people and in 5 years has grown to over 5,000 attendees and 60 vendors! No other UK cannabis event has grown at such speed.

Brighton Cannabis Club is a private member’s club that boasts over 1,000 members.

The attendees all come to display civil disobedience against a cannabis law they find unjust. They come to show their support for drug policy reform, which is happening in the rest of the world, while our Tory government refuses to change the law while handing out licenses to their spouses to grow and sell tonnes of skunk for the export market, making them massive profits.

Rob Davidson, organiser of Brighton Green Pride and Chair of Brighton Cannabis Club.

Rob Davidson, Chair of Brighton Cannabis Club.

Rob Davidson, 25, chairman of Brighton Cannabis Club, said: “The protestival was inspired by the Seattle Hemp Fest and Vancouver 420. Cannabis has become decriminalised and legalised in these countries over the previous five years, in part due to the efforts of the organisers of these protestivals.

“These events help to raise awareness about the harms of prohibition, creating a vibrant culture and bringing together a community standing against criminal persecution.

“Our intention with Green Pride now aims to make a difference in the UK and open up the debate around changing cannabis laws.

“Canada has just legalised recreational cannabis for adults, along with 11 US states, including Illinois that passed legislation last week to legalise cannabis in their state. The UK is lagging behind when it comes to cannabis law reform and we hope the kind of protests can expedite real meaningful change in this country”

A story of the growing cannabis culture revolution in the South East

The Brighton Cannabis Club has been promoting the event on social media, they hope once more thousands of people, not just from Brighton, but also throughout the rest of the UK come to show their support at Green Pride and join the growing revolution.

Last year’s event was attended by at least 5,000 protesters who came to enjoy cannabis in the park on a beautiful sunny day in Brighton. Only the annual London 420 in protest Hyde Park can attract more visitors.

Organisers have urged people to be responsible and not to drive stoned, especially as a number of people were arrested last year after failing a roadside spit test. They also are asking for any volunteers to assist with cleaning up the mess afterwards and for people not to leave any mess in the first place.

Aerial view photo taken from a drone of Brighton Green Pride 2018.

An aerial view photo taken from a drone of the Brighton Green Pride pretestival, 2018.

Chris Bovey, writer and musician.

Chris Bovey is a businessman, writer, artist, musician and practical joker. He lives in Devon with his partner, two children and cat. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter @ADHD_BadBoy.

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