Bayer Leverkusen football stadium.

By Nic Dro

Here we are in the midst of Germany’s annual carnival season. I live in a part of Germany that is one of the strongholds of all carnival festivities: the Rhineland.

This weekend you will not only meet people in all kinds of costumes: pirates, Vikings, clowns, etc., you will also meet people from all over Europe seizing the chance to be part of our, admittedly slightly crazy, tradition. Dressing up, partying and drinking lots of booze.

We also have a couple of excellent football teams in the Rhineland, so on a carnival Saturday the local trains are crowded with people being dressed-up and lots of football fans. My friend and I went to see Bayer Leverkusen.

Bayer Leverkusen is one of Germany’s top football clubs, still the stadium is hardly ever sold out, which is a fact that people from abroad highly appreciate: where else will you be able to buy tickets for a top European team at reasonable prices just like that? In the stadium, I have met people from the Netherlands, Korea, France, Belgium, Finland, Japan, USA, Canada, Mexico and the UK.

Cheap German booze for Brexiters

Newcastle football hooligans in Germany.

Newcastle football fans in Germany.

Everyone enjoyed a more or less good football match, however, what the guys from the UK loved the most was the cheap beer. A pint of lager costs over here around €4. On the way to the stadium and back, you can buy beer from street merchants for €2 a pint.

Walking back to the train station we were surrounded by a group of lads from Newcastle: singing, dancing, being rude and utterly drunk. I did not mind, I thought of it as quite funny. To be fair, football, carnival and cheap beer, quite difficult to stay sober.

We got on the train back to our hometown: Düsseldorf. The guys from Newcastle were on the train as well. This made me giggle, so they came here to see the match and to have a party weekend in Düsseldorf. Brilliant choice! I thought, how great it is to be able to travel all over Europe, with all of the freedom of being an EU citizen.

Reminded me of last week when we went to a festival and met a young couple from Tunisia who had to undergo a genuine odyssey, just because he needed a visa and due to a change of the flight, he had trouble with his visa. The poor couple arrived at Wacken Winter Nights festival on a Thursday just before midnight, all because some petty official at border control felt like giving the young people a hard time. Wacken is the village that hosts the world’s biggest heavy metal festival on the planet. Wacken Winter Nights is a winter spin-off.

So with the picture of the young couple in my head who were so happy to be in Wacken, my daydreaming of the freedom that EU citizens have, was suddenly interrupted by the lads of Newcastle singing in a loud choir: “Can’t wait to get out of the EU!”

My friend commented: “Das sind verfickte Idioten!“ I do not think I will have to translate her words. I hope this morning’s hangover is going to kill them.

Theresa May and Angela Merkel funny Brexit meme.

Fick dich Brexit! Brexit ist quatsch mit soße.

Nic Dro is a marketer and Anglophile from Düsseldorf in Germany.


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  1. Suzanne Smith
    Suzanne Smith says:

    I think there should be a radio show called Brexit for idiots. I’ve seen people say they support Brexit because they don’t want grooming gangs with origins from countries not in Europe. They don’t even know what or where Europe is. Or they start going on about asylum seekers, not realising it’s UN who deal with asylum. If we leave the EU, which works for peace, education and health, we will have more asylum seekers, as it’s going along with the USA that cause asylum seekers. Islamic extremism hardly existed before USA were arming and training them in Afghanistan against Russia. Then USA didn’t care what was going on in Afghanistan after, such as making women walk around in tents.
    When Thatcher didn’t like EU preventing upper classes, bankers and corporations mistreating most British people. Such as EU saying workers should have enough breaks and genetically modified ingredients should be labelled, the secret service whistle blower David Shayler told how she was going along with USA funding Al Qaeda against Gaddafi. A country people didn’t pay household bills, while more old British people were dying of cold than before.
    Now Islamic State are driving around Syria in trucks USA sent to overthrow Assad. A country with Christians who still speak Aramaic. While we support the backward nation Saudi Arabia. Plus whatever we do with the USA they take credit for, as USA employed the Nazi V-2 rocket maker Wernher Von Braun as head of Nasa to make the rockets to moon. We have more pride in what we do with rest of Europe. Such as electronic music, Concorde and World Wide Web. Even Beatles would be a boring rock and roll band if they hadn’t gone to Germany and mixed with German artist

    • Suzanne Smith
      Suzanne Smith says:

      There are going to be a lot of people crying on Question Time who think Tories care about most British people, when it’s so USA born Boris Johnson whose family changed their name to Johnson from the Turkish relative name, to sound more British, Rees Moog who looks like softy from Beano, and Nigel Farage who was paying his foreign wife in tax payers expenses and hiding money in tax havens, only want to leave so they can treat most British people worse

  2. Chris Stanton
    Chris Stanton says:

    Much as I support the anti Brexit stance of your articles, it is really disingenuous to use stock photos of innocent Newcastle fans to illustrate such chants. There is little doubt that some fans at a festival might sing xenophobic songs but there will have been no large groups of any one team at a minor football festival in Germany during the English football season. Also it is a bit self defeating to launch an attack on one of the few Northern towns and cities to have voted remain in 2016.


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