Prof Mike Barnes speaking at the United Patients Alliance

Prof Mike Barnes speaking at the United Patients Alliance

By Kevin John Braid

Professor Mike Barnes, who assisted the government with the formulation of their recent heavily criticised botched law changes on medical cannabis in the UK stands to make £4.4 Million from a deal with one of the world’s biggest suppliers of recreational marijuana.

Prof Barnes has written many papers in support of medical cannabis, yet according to the Daily Mail, he is opposed to the recreational consumption by adults. The Mail goes on to say that he will make up to £4.4. million by selling a stake in his firm.

His 169-page study regarding the therapeutic benefits of cannabis written for the British government and recently used to justify last month’s changes to UK drugs legislation has made corporate cannabis only available to those that can afford to pay thousands of pounds for private prescriptions.


Barnes will allegedly make up to £4.4 million by selling a stake in his business to the Canadian conglomerate, The Wayland Group, who reportedly supply tonnes of cannabis to businesses who manufacture and supply cannabis products for the adult recreational market. Wayland’s latest expansion follows the recent changes in legislation in Canada permitting the sales of such products.

The Wayland group are coughing up a whopping £28.8 million for a fifty per cent share in Prof Barnes’ company which is conditional on them receiving a Home Office license to cultivate here in the UK. Smell a little fishy?

In addition, another Canadian canna company are paying Barnes £50,000 a year for ‘consultancy’ which he claims “is a modest fee”. Nice work if you can get it, eh!

According to UK’s Companies House, Prof Mike Barnes Limited was formed four years ago by the professor and recently changed its the name to Theros Pharma Ltd.

Painting of Peter Reynolds, CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform

Peter Reynolds, the right-wing bigot who is advised by Prof Mike Barnes.

Further criticism has been raised for also failing to declare his activities as an advisor for the dubious pressure group CLEAR, headed by the controversial far-right supporting, anti-Semitic homophobic bigot, Peter Reynolds.

Another lobbying group with connections to CLEAR is the Cannabis Trade Association which Reynolds jointly founded with his partner Mike Harlington, a businessman who according to Companies House has been a director of many dissolved, failed companies.

In the meantime, hundreds of thousands of patients relying on cannabis as a medicine still have to risk being arrested and hauled through the Courts for resorting to growing their own or sourcing it from the black market.

So, the message is quite clear, cannabis, both medicinal or adult is not for the plebs and the commoners. The little guy is certainly not going to get a look in on the so-called green rush, the rush is for the former government advisors who plan to make millions! Don’t forget the Tory stench in all this, Prime Minister Theresa May’s husband profiteering from his investment company’s 22% in GW Pharmaceuticals and of course British Sugar headed by the husband of prohibitionist Tory Drugs Minister, Victoria Atkins.

Kevin John Braid in Amersterdam.

Kevin John Braid in Amsterdam.

Kevin John Braid is an artist, writer and activist who was born in Scotland, grew up in the U.S.A. (California and Arizona), lived in England for a few years, and now lives in Poland. He has spent many years fighting against marijuana prohibition, and is a lover of books, cooking and Nietzsche.

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