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Thousands attend 420 cannabis protests throughout the UK

Council’s application to ban cannabis protest turned down By Chris Bovey Yesterday was 4/20, the annual event where cannabis consumers throughout the world protest to change unjust laws outlawing the plant. The tradition has its roots in the USA, held on 20th April, that being the fourth month of the year. “420” is a common […]


There is no such thing as Genetically Modified Cannabis

By Chris Bovey Dating back as far as the year 2000 there have been hoax stories on the internet claiming technology exists to produce genetically modified cannabis that is somehow stronger. Cannabis Culture reported in February 2000 that agricultural biotechnology giant, Monsanto, was producing genetically modified cannabis seeds, although the article has since been removed, […]

Marijuana as a treatment for mental health conditions

By Richard Shrubb The Irish Examiner reported on the 6th April 2018 that psychiatrist Dr Michael Sadlier said to the Irish Medical Organisation conference, “It is a compound that I would love to be banished from the planet. It does more damage to humans than any drug that is out there.” I’m going to stick […]

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International Narcotics Control Board tells Canada not to legalise pot

Unelected bureaucrats tell democratically elected government what to do. By Chris Bovey. The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), the unelected United Nations body that exists to impose the failed policies of prohibition on all nations of the world, is expressing concerns about the Trudeau Government’s plan to legalize recreational cannabis use in Canada. The board reaffirmed […]

How to feed birds with hemp seeds

The ‘Bird Nesting Season’ is officially from February until August (source: Natural England) and birds love hemp seeds. WARNING: If a park busybody or an official asks what you are doing then please engage with them (politely) and tell them that you are merely feeding the birds, which is perfectly legal. Some of the lower […]

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Feed The Birds Hemp t-shirts by THTC

Feed the Birds has teamed up with ethical clothing provider and eco-fashion company The Hemp Trading Co, THTC, to make these stylish Feed The Birds hemp t-shirts. They are built from 200GSM pre-shrunk fabric, consisting of 55% GOTS certified hemp and 45% GOTS certified organic cotton. The fabric improves with age. Ranked by Ethical Consumer Magazine as the […]

Welcome to the new Feed The Birds web site and blog

Feed the Birds is an initiative started in 2014 on Facebook to raise awareness of the hemp seed, the world’s most beneficial seed and plant.  We promote the feeding of birds with the nutritious hemp seed by spreading throughout the countryside or in parks or flowerpots in town centres. Sometimes our bird feeding efforts go wrong and the […]