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Brighton Green Pride Cannabis Protestival

By Chris Bovey GREEN PRIDE – the annual cannabis protestival held in Brighton is preparing for its fifth and biggest event since its inception. Last year, the event attracted over 3,500 people openly breaking the law by consuming cannabis in public, as a peaceful protest against the country’s archaic and unjust cannabis laws, as well […]


The Tories are NOT legalising cannabis

By Chris Bovey There has been a lot of media coverage in recent weeks about medicinal cannabis, in particular, focussing on two young boys who have a rare form of epilepsy, which only a cannabis-based medicine can treat and prevent seizures. Both Alfie Dingley, from Kenilworth, Warwickshire and Billy Caldwell, from Northern Ireland, suffer a […]


Tories: child murdering hypocrites

By Richard Shrubb I’m going to call the Conservative Party something a bit rude now. They are a bunch of child murdering hypocrites. Let’s look at why this is the case. If the government is so convinced that cannabis is so dangerous, why have so many MPs got their snouts in medical marijuana investments? While […]

West Yorkshire Police polish tiny turds

By Richard Shrubb West Yorkshire Police jubilantly posted an article on Facebook last week that they’d busted someone for about a joint’s worth of weed. They were a little unamused at the response of the cannabis community and threatened to arrest someone for making a derogatory comment about their prize seizure. Violent crime and sexual […]


Another bullshit response by the Tories to cannabis petition

By Chris Bovey The Conservatives have rejected yet another online cannabis petition on the official government petition website. There have been a number of petitions online petitions asking the government to legalise cannabis or reconsider drugs policy; if they pass over 10,000, the government has to give a response and if they pass 100,000 then they […]


YouTube is shutting down marijuana related channels

By Chris Bovey Since its inception, YouTube has been a popular social media source for cannabis information, with some weed related channels having hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Nobody is really sure what YouTube is actually doing, they’ve never had a problem with cannabis in the past and marijuana-related content has generally stayed up. We […]